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What Kinds of Tortillas Are Allowed and Not Allowed?

Type Allowed Not Allowed
16 oz. packages of WIC Allowed Brands

    Soft Corn Tortillas

    • Best Choice, corn
    • Chi Chi's, white corn
    • Don Pancho, white corn
    • Essential Everyday, corn
    • Food Club, white corn
    • HyVee, white corn
    • La Banderita, 100% natural corn
    • La Burrita, corn
    • La Perla, corn
    • Los Maizales, corn
    • Mission, extra thin yellow corn
    • Shurfine, corn/maiz

    Whole Wheat or Whole Grain Tortillas

    • Best Choice, whole wheat
    • Buena Vida, whole grain
    • Chi-Chi's, whole wheat
    • Don Pancho, whole wheat
    • Essential Everyday, whole wheat
    • Food Club, whole wheat
    • Frescados, whole wheat
    • HyVee, Whole Wheat
    • IGA, Whole Wheat
    • La Banderita, whole wheat
    • Mission, whole wheat
    • Ortega, whole wheat
    • Our Family, whole wheat
    • Shurfine, whole wheat
  • No organic
  • No wraps, flat bread or pita bread
  • No hard shells tortillas or taco shells

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