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Frequently Asked Questions about Fruits and Vegetables
Minnesota WIC Guide for Buying Fruits & Vegetables (PDF: 403KB/2 pages)
Vegetable Recipes

What Vegetables Are Allowed and Not Allowed?

Type Allowed Not Allowed
Fresh Vegetables (Any Brand)
  • All fresh vegetables
  • Whole or cut vegetables OK
  • Plain bagged salad mixtures or bagged vegetables OK, without any added foods including salad dressing croĆ»tons, cheese, etc.
  • Organic OK
  • No items from the salad bar or party trays
  • No decorative vegetables
  • No nuts including peanuts, fruit/nut mixtures
  • No spices or herbs (e.g. parsley, cilantro, dill, etc.)
  • No dried vegetables
Frozen Vegetables (Any Brand)
  • Any plain variety or plain vegetable mixture
  • Any package type (bag or box)
  • Any size (except single serving packages)
  • Regular or low sodium
  • Organic OK
  • No added sugar
  • No potato product shapes like French fries, hash browns or tater tots containing oils, fats or sugars (like dextrose)
  • No vegetables with butter, fats or oils
  • No vegetables with sauces or cheese
  • No vegetables mixed with pasta, rice or other items
  • No single serving sizes

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