Overview of MN WIC Formula

Overview of Minnesota WIC Formula

Information for Health Care Providers

Minnesota WIC Program

Minnesota WIC promotes and supports exclusive breastfeeding as the standard for infant feeding. However, if a mother decides to breastfeed partially, or not to breastfeed, WIC provides infant formula.

WIC Contract Standard Formula

All MN WIC participants who are partially or fully formula-fed, will be provided a WIC contract formula unless a medical formula (i.e., exempt infant formula or medical food) is medically necessary. See:

Minnesota WIC Formula Summary - Contract Formula
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Background Information

Because the various standard formulas are nutritionally equivalent, Federal WIC Regulations require states to contract with one manufacturer for the routine provision of iron-fortified standard milk- and soy-based infant formulas. The contract is awarded to the bidder who provides the lowest net wholesale cost.

n Minnesota, the $29 million in annual savings the Minnesota WIC Program receives through its infant formula rebate contract allows WIC to provide healthy foods to an additional 49,000 infants, young children and pregnant and breastfeeding women each month.

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Non-Contact Standard Formulas

The MN WIC Program does NOT provide standard infant formula from other manufacturers. There is no convincing evidence to support the use of one company's standard infant formula over another's with respect to allergies or gastrointestinal problems.

If a parent requests a non-contract standard formula for a claimed intolerance to contract formulas, the following should be considered: assuring infant feeding practices are appropriate; suggesting the participant purchase their desired formula on their own until they are ready for a contract formula; or determining if there is a special medical condition requiring a Medical Formula.

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Medical Formulas

WIC-allowed exempt infant formula and medical foods may be provided with documentation of a qualifying medical condition(s). Regular WIC foods may also be provided with appropriate medical documentation. (See Medical Formula Questions and Answers for more information.)

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How Much Formula Will WIC Provide?

Maximum amounts of formula provided by WIC are governed by Federal WIC Regulations. See:

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Needs Beyond WIC

WIC cannot meet formula needs when:

  • The quantity needed exceeds WIC federal maximums.
  • The formula is not provided by the MN WIC Program.
  • The family chooses not to participate in WIC.
  • The family is not income-eligible; and/or
  • The child is 5 years of age or older.

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