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Module 11 - Talking with Mothers About Breastfeeding...
When Mom and Baby are Separated

Breastfeeding Information and Resources for Local Agencies

WIC Program

The original files from the FNS peer training are included here. They need to be modified for Minnesota. Contact the MN State WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator for more information.

The Power Point presentations are very large files and have been converted to PDF format. If you have difficulty downloading them, contact Mary Johnson at mary.b.johnson@state.mn.us or 651-201-4406 if you would like to have these PDF files or the original Power Point Presentations e-mailed or sent to you.


Please click on the resource of interest:

swirl bullet Supporting Mothers and Babies who are Separated (WORD: 101.0KB/1 page)

swirl bullet Practice Counseling Scenario (WORD: 79.5KB/1 page)

swirl bullet Opening the Conversation When Mothers and Babies are Separated (WORD: 82.5KB/2 pages)

swirl bullet How to Handle Human Milk (WORD: 81.0KB/1 page)

swirl bullet Power Point Presentation in PDF: Module 11 -Talking with Mothers about Breastfeeding...When Mom and Baby are Separated (PDF: 683.57KB/18 pages)

swirl bullet Trainer Module 11 - Talking with Mothers about Breastfeeding...During Months 7 to 12 (PDF: 175.39KB/16 pages)


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