Minnesota WIC Clinic Resources

Minnesota WIC Clinic Resources

Information and Resources for Local Agencies

MN WIC Program


Hand Expression of Milk (Video)

Biological Nurturing (Photos)

Biological Nurturing (Video)

10 Hour Old Baby

Demonstrating difference between good latch and poor latch (Video)

Really good drinking at the breast (Video)

Baby Led Mother Guided (Video)

4 Day Old After Tongue-tie Release With Compressions (video)

Faa'iidooyinka ku jira caanaha naaska kaliya oo la siiyo dhalaankaaga
(The Benefits of Exclusively Breastfeeding Your Baby - video)

Paced Bottle Feeding

Global Health Media Project Breastfeeding Videos.
From this page choose breastfeeding, then the language from the drop down, then select the video that says "for mothers." (Other videos on this page are for training health professionals.)

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