Identified Issues with Current HuBERT Release

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Identified Issues with Current
HuBERT Releases

Updated: 4.4.18

MN WIC Program

This page will provide up-to-date information about any issues found by Local Agencies and confirmed by the State WIC Office and MN Help Desk.

These issues should have minimal impact on the HuBERT clinic application and will be fixed in a future Release.

Information provided about each bug includes a description, "What the User Should Do" or a work-around, and resolution (if known).

Infant Goal Topic Does Not Display Correctly in Nutrition Education Tab (TMP-194)

Posted 4/4/18

This is not a new issue. However, when a Local Agency ran the Infoview GOAL RESULTS template, its output did not match what was displaying in HuBERT. The following issue explains why.

Description: Goals documented for infants in the Nutrition Education (NE) Tab doesn't display correctly once the infant becomes a child.

Explanation: Goals are based on whether the participant is a woman, infant or child at the time of the NE contact and only appropriate goals display, and can be selected, in the NE Tab. Once selected, instead of storing the actual goal (ex: Plan for Weaning), HuBERT uses a code (ex: 9) to store the goal in the participants' records. That code is used to reference the goal description stored in another table under the category WOMANGOAL, INFANTGOAL and CHILDGOAL. When an infant becomes a child, and if the same goal code exists for both the INFANTGOAL and CHILDGOAL categories, HuBERT is displaying the goal description associated with the CHILDGOAL. If a goal code only exists for INFANTGOAL then the selected goal doesn’t display.

Example #1: Goal code 9 displays in the NE Tab as "Plan for Weaning" when the participant is an infant. If a child, goal code 9 displays as "Eat More Fruits". If "Plan for Weaning" was selected for an infant, once s/he turns one year old, Eat More Fruits displays instead.

Example #2: Goal code 0 displays in the NE Tab as "Continue Breastfeeding" when the participant is an infant. There is no corresponding goal code 0 for children. If "Continue Breastfeeding" was selected for an infant, once s/he turns one year old, the place where the goal should display is blank.

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Internet Explorer Search Function Does Not Work on HuBERT Computers with Windows 7

New Issue - posted 12/6/17

Description: No search results display when using the Search function on the MDH website for State-provided HuBERT computers with Windows 7.

Resolution: Please use a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, if unable to search the MDH website. This issue will be resolved next year when Windows 10 is rolled-out on State-provided HuBERT computers.

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Error Displays When Trying to View Redeemed Benefit Image in HuBERT

Posted 10/11/17

Description: The following error displays after clicking the Display Image button in the Benefits History >> Benefit Details screen:

Benefit Details Screen

WIC Benefit Server Error

Resolution: This error is the result of a necessary security update that our banking contractor made. At this time, there is no plan to correct this issue since the implementation of eWIC will make it obsolete.

Except for the participant/proxy signature on the benefit, all of the information provided by viewing a benefit is available in HuBERT:

  • In the Benefit Details screen (shown above), which is opened by clicking a benefit number to highlight it in the Benefits History screen and clicking the Show Details button.
  • In the Food Instrument Details screen, which is opened by clicking on the Activities menu in the Participant Search/List screen, selecting Food Instrument Disposition, entering the benefit number, and clicking the View Details button.

Food Instrument Disposition Screen

If you need to view the signature on a redeemed benefit, please contact the Help Desk (1.800.488.8799;2;2 or They will retrieve the image for you and post the PDF of the benefit to FileZilla in the Agency Gateway.

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Existing Initial Contact Records Overwritten with New Certification IDs (CDP-249/TMP-290)

Posted 8/23/17 (Updated 2/20/18)

Description: If an Initial Contact record has not been created prior to the completion of a certification (the Guided Script), the system is over-writing the Certification ID, Modify User ID, and Modify Date/Time of the last existing completed initial contact record with the Cert ID, Staff ID of the person who completed the cert, and the date of the newly completed cert, respectively. This results in the existing Initial Contact record being linked to the incorrect certification record.

Explanation: Initial Contact records are linked to a specific certification by the Certification ID. This is a unique number assigned to each certification. If there is an existing Initial Contact record and a new Initial Contact record is not created (isn’t required or staff forgot to create one if it was required)...

Existing Initial Contact record

...and a certification (the Guided Script) is completed...

Certification records

...the system is over-writing the Cert ID, Modify User ID, and Modify Date/Time of the existing Initial Contact record with information from the newly completed cert, resulting in linking the Initial Contact record with the incorrect certification record.

New over-written Initial Contact record

What You Should Do: You should continue to create Initial Contact records only when required to do so. Remember, the person who schedules the appointment should be creating the Initial Contact

Initial Contact Reports

This issue will affect Tab 1 - Pregnant - No Initial Contact if run for dates that are more than 60 days in the past.

Explanation: The report output excludes pregnant women whose certification Cert ID is the same as the Initial Contact Cert ID and who have a Cert Start Date within 60 days of the Initial Contact Create Date. When pregnant women who were initially excluded from the report have a postpartum certification more than 60 days after their pregnant cert, and an Initial Contact is not completed because it isn't required, this issue (CDP-249/TMP-290) causes the last Initial Contact record to be over-written with the Cert ID associated with the postpartum cert. The record now tied to the Initial Contact has a Create Date more than 60 days from the pregnancy Cert Start Date resulting in the pregnant woman's record be incorrectly added to the report output.

Resolution: The report should be run within 60 days of the date entered into the Enter Start Date PROMPT.

This issue should NOT impact the report output in Tab 2 - Others - No Initial Contact since these participants are not typically recertified within time periods for which the report is usually run.

This may affect the Processing Standards # of Days column in the INITIAL CONTACTS Infoview and HuBERT reports if run for time periods in the past. The value in this column is calculated based on the Initial Contact Date and the Cert Date. Since this issue causes the Initial Contact record to be linked to the incorrect certification record, the Cert Date the report uses to calculate the value is no longer correct.

This issue should not affect the report output because it excludes records where the Initial Contact Date is more than 60 days from the Cert Start Date.

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Build Master Calendar Error Occurs with Windows 10 and Touch Screen Computers/Pen Devices

New Issue - posted 8/12/17 (Updated 12/6/17)

This only affects agencies using their own computers with touch-screen/pen device capabilities. This information (about touch screens) was provided in the 2.29 Release Document.

Description: When Build Master Calendar is opened on a Windows 10 computer with a touch-screen or pen device capabilities, the following error will occur when attempting to make any changes to the Build Clinic Calendar:

MasterCalendar.exe has stopped working


What You Should Do: Currently, there is no fix for this issue except to disable the computer’s touch-screen/pen-device functionality. To disable the touch-screen and/or pen device:

1. Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar. The Start menu displays.

2. On the Start menu, enter device manager in the Search text box.

3. In the Device Manager tree list, select the Human Interface Devices node.

4. Right-click on the HID-compliant Touch Screen node. A context menu will display for the HID-compliant Touch Screen.

5. Select the Disable menu option. A standard confirmation message displays.

6. Click the Yes button to disable the HID-compliant Touch Screen.

If the model you are using supports pen devices, repeat steps 4-6 for the pen device.

End-of-Day (EOD) Removes One-Year Food Prescriptions when Infants Turns One Year Old (CDP-173)

Posted 10/3/16

Description: The system automatically creates a one-year food prescription during the infant certification if the infant has any risk factors that are also applicable for children. However, during the EOD process, when the system changes the infant’s WIC Type from infant to child on their one year birthday, it is also deleting this child food package.

What You Should Do: For the majority of infants this should not be an issue because most infants must be certified after their first birthday and HuBERT creates a child food package at the time of the certification.

This may be an issue for the following two scenarios:

  • Infants certified after 6 months of age; and
  • Infants certified before their first birthday.

In these instances, a message will display indicating that benefits cannot be issued because the participant doesn’t have an appropriate food package and a new food package will need to be created.

Resolution: This is currently being researched by CDP and has been added to the issues queue.

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Staff ID Not Saved to HuBERT for Any Activities Completed on Monday, July 25, 2016

Posted 8/7/16 (updated 8/31/16)

Description: The following minor issue was an unforeseen complication that occurred when our 15 HuBERT central servers were successfully migrated to new central servers over the weekend of July 23rd and 24th. A local agency identified the issue on July 25th and it was immediately resolved that evening after clinic.

When activities or functions are completed in HuBERT, the ID of the staff person who performed them is recorded in the Createuser and Modifyuser columns of the applicable tables. However, on Monday July 25th, 2016, these columns were either left blank or BATCHUSER was recorded instead. The activities/functions that were affected include, but are not limited to: benefits issued/replaced/voided/marked lost or stolen; certs, MCAs and prescreens completed; incomes assessed; initial contacts, height/weight/blood, and health information recorded; food packages created; nutrition education provided; notes/alerts written; and appointments scheduled.

Resolution: This issue will affect auditing and reporting, and cannot be corrected. Therefore, the State has worked with CSC to identify some of the more common tables that were affected in order to replace the blank or BATCHUSER with SRVRMIG, an indicator for future reference that the Staff ID wasn’t recorded due to the server migration. In Benefits History, where the staff name displays, SERVER MIGRATION will display as the first and last name.

The following tables were updated with SRVRMIG in the Createuser and Modifyuser fields for July 25th: Foodinstrumentset, Foodinstrument, Certcontact, Incomecontact, Anthropcontact, Bloodwork, Foodprescription, Appointment and Riskfactor.

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Pseudo-Certs Setting Reason Not Present to NULL and Removing Radio Button Display when Physical Presence Is "N" (CDP-11)

Posted 2/9/16

Description: When a pseudo-cert is created in the folder of a participant that has the No radio button and a Reason Not Present selected for Physically Present:

Physically Present Equals No and Reason Equals Premature Infant

the system is setting the Reason Not Present to NULL and no longer displaying the selected radio button.

Nothing selected Physically Present

What You Should Do: If you select the No radio button for Physically Present during a certification, please document the reason you selected in a General Note with the Subject of Physical Presence Exception. This way, if a pseudo-cert is created that causes the system to set the selected reason to NULL, the reason will still be documented for that certification.

Resolution: This has been added to the issues' queue.

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Mid-certification Assessment (MCA) Due Report Listing Participants Based on Agency where Certification Occurred, NOT Current Agency (CDP-9)

Posted 2/9/16

Description: When the HuBERT Mid-certification Assessment Due Report is run, the participants are being displayed based on the agency/clinic where they were certified. It should be displaying participants based on the agency/clinic where they currently belong.

What You Should Do: We are currently developing an Infoview report template called DUE FOR CERTIFICATION, MID-CERTIFICATION ASSESSMENT OR NUTRITION VISIT, which can be used to identify participants due for an MCA. It will provide a list of participants, who currently belong to the specified agency, and are due for an MCA during a specified time period. It only includes participants that do not have a completed MCA and lists whether they have an appointment scheduled (the State WIC ID and name of participants that do not have a scheduled appointment display in red).

This report template should be available in the Infoview MN SHARED/PROGRAM MANAGEMENT folder by February 12, 2016.

Resolution: This has been added to the issues' queue.

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Assignment or Removal of Risk Factor 201 in a Child’s Participant Folder Results in Deletion of Current and Future Food Prescriptions (CDP-59)

Posted 6/1/15

Description: For children in a current certification period, if Risk Factor 201(Low Hemoglobin) is added or removed via a pseudo-cert within the Participant Folder, the system is auto-deleting food prescriptions with an Effective Date of the current date or with a future date.

What You Should Do: You will need to create a new food package before being able to issue benefits.

Resolution: This has been added to the issue queue.

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Children Are Counted as Infants if Sets of Benefits with PFDTU after First Birthday Issued Before First Birthday (TMP-220)

Posted 5/20/2015

Description: When benefits are issued to a participant the system records their WIC Type at the time of issuance based on their current WIC Type (or the WIC Type stored in the MEMBER table). The WIC Type stored at the time of issuance is used to count the type of participant in the participation counts.

If an infant is recertified prior to their first birthday and issued tri-monthly benefits, the system will count the participant as an infant for all three months even if the second and third sets of benefits are for child food packages and the PFDTU of the benefits is after the first birthday.

This can result in over-counting infants in the participation counts and could have a larger impact after Release 2.22 in which infants can be certified within 30 days of the first birthday.

Please note that infants should only be recertified early in instances where it is absolutely necessary to sync the infant's appointment with other household members. (Reference: 2.22 Release Document, page 10.)

What You Should Do: In general, infants should be recertified after their first birthday. If trying to sync the infant to other household members, ascertain if it is possible to sync all of the appointments after the infant's first birth date (by extending other certification periods by 30 or less days). If the infant must be recertified early, benefits could be issued for only one month and subsequent benefits issued after the infant's first birthday. If doing this were to cause hardship then issue tri-monthly; the system will count the participant incorrectly as an infant for the subsequent sets of benefits.

Resolution: This has been added to the issue queue.

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Yellow Tabs in Participant Folder Displaying Incorrectly for Some Participants (TMP-223)

Posted 5/6/2015

Description: A high risk flag is found in three tables: MEMBER, CERTCONTACT, and RISKFACTOR. When a participant is not high risk all three high risk fields should equal N (or No). In some instances, it appears that the CERTCONTACT record is setting the high risk field equal to Y even though the participant doesn’t have any high-risk risk factors assigned. This results in the participant folder tabs displaying in yellow.

What You Should Do: (OPTIONAL) If you identify a participant whose tabs are yellow but currently doesn’t have any high-risk risk factors assigned, you can open the Assign Risk Factors screen and click the Resolve System-assigned High Risk Designations checkbox. When you do this, a note will be auto-generated by the system with the Subject of High Risk Resolution. You should then create another General Note, selecting High Risk as the Subject, and explaining that the participant didn’t have any high-risk risk factors and that is why the high risk was resolved.

Resolution: This has been added to the issue queue.

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"Server Unable to Process Request Error" Randomly Occurring when Working in View Appointments for Date Screen (TMP-213)

Posted 1/28/2015

Description: The following error is displaying randomly when users are working in the View Appointments for Date screen.

Server unable to process request error message

What You Should Do: Click the OK button on the message and continue working in the screen.

Resolution: This has been added to the issue queue.

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"Deserializing Participant" Error Displaying Randomly when Opening Participant Folders (TMP-152)

Posted 12/15/2014

Description: An error that reads: "Error encountered while deserializing Participant: Error encountered while deserializing Bloodwork: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation."

What You Should Do: Click the OK button on the message and the Participant Folder will continue to open.

Resolution: This has been added to the issue queue.

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CPA Household Alerts Displaying More than Once Resulting in Screen Focus Not on Most Recently Opened Participant Folder; Focus Remains on First Folder in the Household Opened (TMP-201 and TMP-202)

Posted 10/1/2014

Description: There are two issues contributing to the focus not being appropriately maintained on the most recent Participant Folder opened:

Household Alerts

  • If there is a CPA-created and a system-created household alert (such as Due for Mid-certification Assessment), the CPA-created alert is opening multiple times resulting in the first folder opened maintaining the screen focus instead of the most recent folder opened.
  • If there is a CPA-created household alert and a second folder is opened for that household leaving the first folder open (either by minimizing the first folder or just clicking on the Participant List), the CPA-created alert does not open again but the first folder opened maintains the screen focus and opens on top of the most recent folder opened.

Use of the Minimize Button

  • If when opening multiple Participant Folders in a household the minimize button is used to minimize the first Participant Folder opened instead of clicking on the Participant List (screen or button on the taskbar), the focus is maintained on the first folder opened, not the most recently opened folder.

What You Should Do: You don't have to use the Minimize button to switch between folders or return to the Participant List screen. You can click on the buttons on the taskbar or the Participant List screen in the background.

Resolution: These issues have been added to the issues queue.

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Some-Breastfeeding Women More than 6 Months Postpartum Incorrectly Suggested Benefits when Second Unlinked Infant Record in Infants Born from This Pregnancy (TMP-199)

Posted 9/4/2014

Description: Although Some-Breastfeeding women more than 6 months postpartum are not eligible to receive food benefits, HuBERT is incorrectly suggesting benefits to these women when a second unlinked infant record exists in the Infants Born from This Pregnancy window in Health Information.

Infants Born from This Pregnancy with two records

What You Should Do: If a second record was incorrectly added to the Infants Born from This Pregnancy window instead of editing the initial record, you can delete the incorrectly added record simply by highlighting it in the window and clicking the Delete button. This should resolve the incorrectly suggested issuance.

If, however, the second record is appropriate because a second infant was born but is not on WIC due to neonatal death or other circumstances, you should simply remove the checkmark from in front of the participant's name in the Issue Benefits screen so that no benefits are issued.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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System Incorrectly Assigning Risk Factor 113 to Children 3-5 Years Old Measured Recumbent (TMP-169)

Posted 5/13/2014

Description: The system is incorrectly auto-assigning Risk Factor 113, Obese (Children 2-5 Years of Age), to children who are 3-5 years old and are measured recumbent. These measurements are also not being plotted on the Y2-6 grids as they should be.

What You Should Do: This should affect a very limited number of children since most 3-5 year old children are measured standing. However, if risk factor 113 is incorrectly assigned, document that it should NOT have been assigned in a note.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Unable to Print Last set of Benefits for Breastfeeding Mom with Infant Breastfeeding beyond One Year (TMP-159)

Posted 4/2/2014

Description: The system will NOT suggest benefits and displays Breastfeeding and cannot receive benefits for <PFDTU - LDTU> because her infant is getting more than the maximum amount of formula in the Issue Benefits screen for:

  • Fully or Mostly-Breastfeeding women;
  • When issuing last set of benefits (benefits with a PFDTU in the month their infant turns one year old);
  • If infant has been recertified; and
  • The Breastfeeding beyond One Year checkbox was selected in Health Information

What You Should Do: There are a couple of options to work around this issue:

  • OPTION #1: Certify the child the month after s/he turns 1 year old.
  • OPTION #2: Issue the current set of benefits to mom prior to starting the one year old's certification; issue benefits to the child after the certification has been completed.
  • OPTION #2: Issue benefits for both mom and the one year old prior to starting the certification; certify the child and then issue the remaining sets of benefits.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Homeless Date Verified of 3/18/2013 Displaying for All Participants in the State Office Module (TMP-156)

Posted 3/24/2014

Description: In the State Office module, a Homeless Date Verified of 3/18/2013 is displaying for all participant records in the Homeless section of Demographics.

Homeless field with 3/18/14 displayed

For those participants who are actually marked as Homeless in the Clinic module, the correct homeless information is being displayed in the State Office module.

What You Should Do: This is a display issue in the State Office Module.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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System is Incorrectly Assigning High Risk to Full-Term Infants Whose Length Falls below Grid and Percentile is N/A (TMP-153)

Posted 3/18/14

Description: The system is incorrectly assigning high risk for Risk Factor 121 when it is assigned to full-term infants whose length measurement falls below the lowest line on the Growth Grid resulting in a Length/Age percentile of N/A.

What You Should Do: You can use the Resolve High Risk Designation function in the Assign Certification Risk Factors screen to remove the incorrect system-assigned high risk.

Please note that if the infant is high risk for other risk factors, using the Resolve High Risk Designation function will remove ALL high risk, which may not be appropriate.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Timeout Error Occurring when Using Potential Duplicate Participants Function (TMP-145)

Posted 2/27/14

Description: A "Web Service Timeout Expired" error is occurring when trying to use the new Potential Duplicate Participants function.

Time out error

What You Should Do: This error renders the new functionality unusable.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Unable to Make Resource Inactive if Appointments Scheduled in Past (TMP-139)

Posted 2/24/14

Description: One of the new functions in Release 2.19 was the ability to designate a Resource as inactive. This function isn't currently working.

What You Should Do: You will not be able to use this function until it is fixed.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Reason(s) Stopped Field Enabled and Required in Add Infant Information for Non-Breastfeeding Mom IF Infant's Health Information Completed First (TMP-127)

Posted 2/24/14

Description: This occurs for the following specific scenario:

  • Certifying a non-breastfeeding woman and her infant; and
  • The infant's Health Information is completed first

When completing the Add Infant Information screen in the non-breastfeeding woman's Health Information - Infant(s) Born from This Pregnancy, the Reason(s) Stopped field is enabled and required.

Add Infant Information screen with Reason(s) Stopped field enabled

What You Should Do: In general, you should complete the mom's Health Information first in order to create a two-way link between mom's and infant's records. However, if for some reason this isn't possible and this issue occurs, simply click the Ever Breastfed - Yes radio button and then the Ever Breastfed - No button and the field will become disabled.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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The Down Arrow is Initially Disabled in Define Resources when the 9th Resource or Below is First Highlighted (TMP-45)

Posted 2/24/14

Description: The down arrow used to define the sort order for resources in the Build Clinic Calendar - Define Resources window is initially disabled when you click to highlight the ninth resource, or any resource below the ninth resource.

Define Resources with disabled down arrow

What You Should Do: Simply click the up arrow once and the down arrow will be enabled.

Define Resources with both arrows enabled

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Food Package is Not Removed during the Remove Incomplete Certifications Process (TMP-25)

Posted 2/24/14

Description: When an incomplete certification is removed, all items that were created as part of that certification should be removed. The food package(s) created during the Certification Guided Script are not being automatically deleted after an incomplete certification is removed.

What you Should Do: You can delete the food package in the Food Prescription tab of the Participant Folder.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Previous Referral Dates Not Allowed in CGS (TMP-40)

Posted 2/24/14

Description: When entering a Contact Date into the Certification Guided Script (CGS), the system will not allow a date before the current date to be entered. If a previous date is entered, upon ending the certification, the Event Log will display indicating that "No referrals found for current certification".

Explanation: This is due to the system verifying the Contact Date instead of the Created Date for the referral.

What you Should Do: If you need to enter a previous Contact Date for a referral, you can edit the referral in the Participant Folder on the same date the certification is completed.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Timeout Error Sometimes Displays when Running the Year-to-Date Participation and Outlays Report (TMP-10)

Posted 2/24/14

Description: An error "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive" message will sometimes display when running the Year-to-Date Participant and Outlays report for larger clinics.

What you Should Do: If you receive this error, close out of the Reports screen, re-open and re-run the report.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Participation vs. Enrollment Monthly Report Displays All Clinics when Run in Clinic Module (TMP-119)

Posted 2/24/14

Description: When running the Participation vs. Enrollment Monthly report (CLD029) in the Reports Environment's Clinic module, the Clinic(s) list displays all clinics instead of only those associated with the Agency selected when you first open HUBERT.

Generate report screen with all clinics listed

What you Should Do: This is a display issue and does not affect your ability to run the report for your clinics.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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Fully-Breasted Infants Less than 6 Months Old Should be Terminated for Failure to Pick-Up when Their Linked Mothers are Terminated (TMP-26)

Posted 2/24/14

Description: Fully breastfed infants less than 6 months old do not receive benefits and don't have a last set Last Date to Use to trigger the system to terminate them for Failure to Pick-up. However, in ENH-15, the system now only counts fully breastfed infants if their linked mother receives benefits. For consistency purposes, the infants should also be terminated when their linked mother is terminated for Failure to Pick-up.

What you Should Do: This is a display and consistency issue and should not affect users.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

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MCA GS and CGS Icons Active at Same Time (TMP-36)

Posted 11/14/2013

Description: The MCA GS and CGS icons are both active at the same time for participants who have a Mid-certification Due date but NO MCA Completed Date. These are participants that had their Midcert completed in the Participant Folder before the installation of Release 2.18.06 on June 29th, 2013, when the MCA GS was added to HuBERT. Although this will primarily be seen for participants during November and December 2013 due to the MCA conversion, it will continue to be seen for infants who have not had an MCA completed and are within 45 days of their Certification End Date.

The issue occurs if the MCA GS is started when you meant to start the CGS. When you realize you mistakenly started the MCA GS and close the MCA, the CGS icon is enabled. If you click the CGS icon instead of first removing the incomplete MCA, the system will allow the participant to have concurrent MCA GS and CGS sessions.

If information, such as Ht/Wt/Blood, was entered into the MCA GS or CGS and you have an MCA in process, any information entered will be treated as if it were entered into the Participant Folder and you will not be able to complete the CGS.

What You Should Do: Make sure you are clicking on the correct icon to start the appropriate Guided Script.

Certification and MCA GS icons

If you realize you have mistakenly started the MCA GS instead of the CGS, please make sure to click the "door" icon instead of the "stop sign" icon. If you click the "stop sign" the system will end the MCA GS (as long as a blood value has been entered) and disables the Remove the Mid-certification Assessment, which you will need to do to "fix" this issue.

Close certification icons

If you have started the CGS, without first removing the MCA, start with Step 1. If you haven't started the CGS yet, start with Step 5:

  • Step 1: Click the "door" icon to exit the CGS
  • Step 2: Click the Certification menu.

Both the Remove Incomplete Certification and the Remove Mid-certification Assessment options are enabled

  • Step 3: Click the Remove Incomplete Certification option
  • Step 4: Click Yes on the message "The current certification attempt will be removed for the participant along with all of its related information. This information cannot be recovered after it has been removed. Do you wish to continue?"
  • Step 5: Click the Certification menu.
  • Step 6: Click the Remove Mid-certification Assessment option.
  • Step 7: Click Yes on the message "The incomplete mid-certification assessment will be canceled. Information collected will be retained but will not count toward a new assessment. Do you want to continue?"
  • Step 8: If a Nutrition Assessment was performed in the MCA GS or the CGS, delete it in the Participant Folder.
  • Step 9: Click the CGS icon to start a new certification.
  • Step 10: If a Ht/Wt and/or Blood record was completed in the MCA GS, you will need to "edit" the record in order for the CGS to recognize it as part of the certification.
  • Step 11: Click on Ht/Wt/Blood
  • Click the Edit button
  • Click OK
  • Click the Blood tab.
  • Click the Edit button
  • Click OK
  • Click Close

Resolution: This has been entered into the issue queue.

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