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"/n", hard return

Hard Return in Notes and Alerts Results in "/n" Added to Text – Need to Be Aware if Using Text as Criteria in Reports

If you hit the Enter key after typing an alert or within notes, the system stores an additional character "/n" at the end of the typed text in the database.

For example, if you type text and hit the Enter key after each word:


This is how it is saved to the database: THIS\nIS\nA\nTEST\n

This does not display in the application but can cause problems if you are using specific text as a criterion for a report. For instance, if you wanted to identify all alerts that begin with "THIS IS A TEST", using ALERT.TEXT = 'THIS IS A TEST', it would only find those alerts that were typed without any hard returns.

September 2012 HuBERT Hints #1

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