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The My WIC App Uses Minimal Storage Space and Data

There has been some concern expressed from Local Agencies about encouraging participants to download the MY MN WIC APP because of the amount of storage space and data it uses. In reviewing the app storage size, available in settings on an iPhone and Android, it appears that for the current version of the app less than 10MB is typical. In general, this is significantly less than most common apps, such as Instagram (82MB), Snapchat (385MB) and FaceBook (314MB).

Just like any other app on a phone, data is dependent on how, and how often, the app is used and whether Wi-Fi is being utilized (using Wi-Fi does not impact your cellular data usage). However, to help put the data usage into perspective, scanning a picture in the current version of the app appears to take less than 20KB while just opening the Facebook app uses greater than 750KB.

To view how much storage space an app uses:

1. Select the Settings icon
2. Scroll down and select General
3. Select iPhone Storage
4. Scroll down to My WIC App

iPhone Storage

Android Phones
Please note that the steps for Androids may vary slightly based on the model.

1. Swipe down from the top of screen to access the settings cog

Settings cog
2. Scroll down and select Device
3. Select Application Manager
4. Scroll down to My WIC App

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One-Call Now and the MY MN WIC APP

Many local agencies use One-Call Now for appointment reminders. These two reminder methods can be used in conjunction; one does not necessarily replace the other.

There are some differences between One-Call Now and using the appointment reminders provided by the MY MN WIC APP.

Appointments are real-time and display in the app as soon as they are scheduled. Participants have the ability to, at any time, check the date, time and location of their appointment.

Without any additional work having to be performed by local agency staff, registered participants also receive an UPCOMING APPOINTMENT reminder notification two days prior to a scheduled appointment...

Upcoming Appointment notification

...and a MISSED APPOINTMENT notification the day after a scheduled appointment has been missed

Missed Appointment notification

A WE MISS YOU notification is also sent to any registered participants if they have been terminated for failure to recertify.

We Miss You Notification

This can help with retention since it identifies participants who have not recertified but may still be eligible.

We Miss You Message

eWIC and the MY MN WIC APP
When we implement eWIC, registered participants will receive notifications related to benefit balances and will be able to use the MY MN WIC APP to view their benefit balances.

To ease participants' transition to eWIC, we encourage you to recommend participants to register for notifications now in order to help increase their familiarity with using the app and its functions.

Advantages of MN MN WIC APP Participant Registration
There following are some of the advantages to having participants register for the MY MN WIC APP:

  • Upcoming and missed appointments display in the messages section
  • Retention notifications for participants terminated for failure to recertify
  • Ability to send State surveys on occasion
  • Ability to send State alerts, such as food/formula recalls
  • Preparation for eWIC - participants will be already registered for eWIC balance information and notifications

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My MN WIC App Questions

If Nutrition Education is scheduled, how does the app know the participant came? What triggers the app not to send a "missed appointment" message following a nutrition education visit?
The MISSED APPOINTMENT message displays only if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The appointment is NOT recorded as Kept in HuBERT;
  • Benefits were NOT issued to the participant for whom the appointment was scheduled; and
  • There are no future appointments scheduled for the participant.

Since benefits are issued at the completion of a nutrition education visit, the participant will not receive a MISSED APPOINTMENT message even if the appointment is not marked as Kept.

Why am I not receiving mobile app notifications on my iPhone?
Notifications are controlled by both the mobile app and your phone’s settings. When you first register, the following message will display. Make sure to select Allow in order to receive notifications from the mobile app.

Allow Notifications Message

If you’ve already registered and are unsure whether you are receiving mobile app notifications, you can verify this in your Settings.

For the iPhone, open Settings >> Notifications and scroll to find MY WIC App. Select the app and ensure that Allow Notifications is turned on.

Allow Notifications in Settings

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What to Do if Proxies Registered for Mobile App Messages Change

There are two options if proxies are currently registered to receive reminder messages and the primary proxy would like to ensure that they no longer receive MN WIC mobile app messages:

1. The Local Agency can call the Help Desk and request that they delete all registration information for the current Household ID.

2. The Local Agency can change the Household ID. When a participant registers, they enter their Household ID and a State WIC ID and the system verifies that the State WIC ID belongs to that household. If the Household ID is changed, the State WIC ID will no longer belong to the registered Household ID. This results in existing messages no longer displaying and notifications no longer being received.

In both these instances, the primary proxy and any additional proxies will need to re-register their devices.

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My MN WIC App Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions we've received about the functionality behind the new messaging component of the MY MN WIC App.

When does a participant need to re-register their phone?
When participants register, they are registering their specific device, or devices. This is independent of their current phone number and is specific to the device itself. Therefore, if a participant gets a new phone, regardless of whether they maintain their old phone number, they will need to re-register the new phone in order to continue receiving notifications and messages.

Are the notifications or messages in any language other than English?
No. All notifications and messages are in English. The Language selection under Shopping Guide in Settings allows the participant to select whether they want to open the English or Spanish version of the Shopping Guide.

Settings with Language circled for Shopping Guide.

How are notifications and messages sent, especially for households with multiple appointments?
Messages are received real-time as soon as the Messages screen is opened after an appointment is scheduled. An individual message displays for each member of the household and includes the member’s name, the date of the appointment, and the time the appointment was scheduled for, along with the agency phone number and an icon that can be selected to display the address of the clinic where the appointment was scheduled.

If the household has multiple appointments, a message will display for each appointment in chronological order. For example, if a household has appointments scheduled for 12/15/16 at 1:00, 1:30 and 2:00 PM, the messages will display with the 1:00 appointment at the top, the 1:30 in the middle, and the 2:00 at the bottom of the device's display.

A generic notification is displayed at 7:20 AM two business days prior to the appointment as a reminder of the existing appointment messages. They are sent two days before in order to allow enough time to reschedule as needed. These notifications are not sent over the weekend since WIC agencies tend to be closed and a participant would not be able to reschedule at that time if needed.

The App is automatically opened when the device owner swipes or selects the notification.

What other kinds of messages are included? Missed appointments? Missed nutrition contacts?
Missed appointments messages display for participants with scheduled appointments who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Appointment time is passed and appointment is NOT marked as kept in HuBERT;
  • The participant has NOT been issued benefits; and
  • The participant does NOT have any future appointments scheduled.

A notification is sent the next business day after an appointment was missed to inform the participant that they have a missed appointment message.

Missed nutrition contact messages are not part of the messaging component unless the local agency schedules benefit pick-ups as appointments.

What happens if a participant registers to use the app and the Local Agency doesn’t use HuBERT appointment scheduling?
Currently, there are only three small agencies that do not use the HuBERT appointment scheduling function. If a participant were to move to one of these three locations, they would no longer receive appointment messages.

What happens if a participant moves to a different agency but has an appointment scheduled at their previous agency?
Appointment reminder messages are only sent if the agency where the appointment is scheduled matches the agency where the participant currently belongs.

How does the Local Agency know if notifications and messages have been sent to their participants? Does HuBERT record this?
App information is not displayed in HuBERT. However, a few tables were added to the database that record general information. An Infoview report template called HOUSEHOLD REGISTER TO RECEIVE MOBILE APP MESSAGES is available in the INFOVIEW TEMPLATES >> Outreach/Retention folder and provides a list and count of households with members that belong to the specified agency who have registered to receive mobile app messages as of the current date.

NOTE: The MY MN WIC APP is another optional method available to participants, independent of agency reminder calls, text messages and voicemails, to assist with remembering WIC appointments. It is initiated by the participant if the participant chooses to use the function.

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Upgrade to My Minnesota WIC App Available November 1, 2016

The MN WIC My Food Finder App has been updated to include a new function whereby WIC participants are able to receive appointment and reminder messages. The update that provides this new functionality will be available on November 1, 2016.

The New Look of My Minnesota WIC App and the Food Finder
The Food Finder functions the same as before the update. Users can scan the UPC/PLU or type the UPC/PLU to immediately determine whether a food item is Allowed or Not Allowed and access the WIC Shopping Guide.

My MN WIC App main page and food finder page


Registering the Device
The user will need to register their device in order to use the Messages function. Tapping the Messages button displays the following message if the device has not been registered.

Messages - to receive WIC appointment and reminder messges, please go to Settings and Register.

To register the device, the user taps the Settings button and selects Register. Registration has two steps:

STEP #1: Registering the Household ID and one of the State WIC IDs associated with that Household ID

Setting and Register screens in app

The question mark in a circle icon next to WIC Household ID and State WIC ID open Register Household screens that explain what each number is and where to find it on the WIC ID Folder.

Once the numbers are entered and the Next button tapped, the Household ID and State WIC ID will be verified against the HuBERT database so that the appropriate messages are sent to the device. The following message displays if the information entered is not valid.

Register Household message - the WIC household ID and/or State WIC ID entered are not correct.  Please try again or call your WIC Clinic for assistance.

STEP #2: Entering the device owner’s first name, last name and date of birth.

This information is necessary to register the device and is stored in the HuBERT database. The information is currently used to pull the first name for use with custom messages.

NOTE: This same registration information can be entered into multiple devices. If the user gets a new phone they will need to register this new device to continue to receive messages and notifications on their new device.

A message indicating that the device was successfully registered will display once the registration has been completed and the Register button on the Settings screen will change to Unregister. Users can unregister their devices if they no longer want to receive reminder messages.

A WELCOME message will display in the Messages screen and will be removed in two business days. Currently, messages will include upcoming appointments, missed appointments, custom alerts, and a "We Miss You" message.

Register Device, Settings and Welcome Message screens.


Upcoming Appointments
All appointments scheduled for the household immediately display once scheduled as an UPCOMING APPOINTMENT message.

Upcoming Appointments message

This message includes the participant's name for whom the appointment is scheduled, the date and time the appointment is scheduled for, and the agency's phone nmumber.

Clicking the down arrow in a circle icon will display the address of the clinic where the appointment is scheduled.

This message will be removed after the date of the scheduled appointment

Missed Appointments
A MISSED APPOINTMENT message will display if it meets the following criteria: if the appointment is not recorded as Kept in HuBERT, if benefits were not issued to the participant for whom the appointment was scheduled, or if there are no future appointments scheduled for the participant.

Missed Appointments message

This message includes the participant's name for whom the appointment is scheduled, the date and time of the missed appointment, and the agency's phone nmumber.

Clicking the down arrow in a circle icon will display the address of the clinic where the appointment is missed.

This message will be removed when an upcoming appointment is scheduled or after three months.

We Miss You
A WE MISS YOU message will display for participants who have a Certification Expired termination reason. This message will be removed when an upcoming appointment is scheduled or after three months.

Custom Messages or Alerts
These are messages that the State can send to everyone registered or participants who belong to a specific agency. More information about this feature will be available in the future.

Alert message

This message display the first name of the person for whom the device was registered.

Clicking the down arrow in a circle icon will display the address of the clinic where the where members of the household currently belong.

This message will be removed after two business days.


Notifications are reminders of existing or sent messages. All notifications are sent at 7:20 a.m. Monday – Friday.

  • UPCOMING APPOINTMENT: Notifications are sent within two business (Mon. for Wed.; Tues. for Thurs.; Wed. for Fri.; Thurs. for the following Mon.; and Fri. for the following Tues.).
  • MISSED APPOINTMENT: Notifications are sent the next business day after an appointment was missed (appointments missed on Friday or Saturday will have a notification sent on the following Monday).
  • WE MISS YOU: Notifications are sent the business day after the participant is terminated for Certification Expired.
  • CUSTOM MESSAGES OR ALERTS: Notifications are sent manually and will display immediately when the message is sent.

The look of the notification is dependent on the type of phone. The following are examples from an iPhone 6:

Notification messages on the iPhone 6.


Informational Materials
A brochure and sticky notes pad are available to provide information about the app. The Minnesota WIC App Sticky Notes are now available to order on the WIC Materials Order Form for Local Agencies. The brochure should be available sometime mid-November. Currently a PDF of each of these materials can be viewed on the MDH WIC website at:

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