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Complete Health Information before Assigning Risk Factors

This is just a reminder that risk factors are based on both WIC Type and Breastfeeding Amount. In order to assign risk factors, the Health Information should be completed first. Otherwise, there won’t be any risk factors assigned by the system or available to assign in the Assign Risk Factors screen.

Assign Cert Risk Factors screen with no risk factors in the Selected field

June 2016 HuBERT Hints #2

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Nutrition Assessment Questions for Breastfeeding Women

To ensure the appropriate questions display when the Nutrition Assessment screen is opened, the Health Information should be completed first. The questions that display when you open the Nutrition Assessment screen are based on the participant's WIC category and breastfeeding amount. If the Breastfeeding Amount is not selected before opening the screen, the system does not know which questions are appropriate to display causing it to display all of the breastfeeding questions.

April 2013 HuBERT Hints #1

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Verify Accuracy of Expected Delivery Date and Update as Appropriate in Health Information

The LMP Start Date, which is used in calculations to system-assign certain risk factors and the number of weeks gestations for linked infants, is calculated based on the Expected Delivery date. If the Expected Delivery date is incorrect, it can affect the system's ability to accurately calculate and system-assign Risk Factors.

The Expected Delivery date field is one of the few fields enabled in the Pregnancy tab of the Health Information screen. It is essential that you verify the accuracy of the participant's Expected Delivery date prior to beginning a new certification and update it if appropriate.

NOTE: Since this date also affects the participant's Cert End Date, you should also try to verify it at Nutrition Education Contacts (benefit pick-ups).

November 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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How to Delete Incorrect Links between Mom and Infant Records

Description: If a link is incorrectly created between a woman and infant's records, it must be deleted in both of their Health Information screens; it is not enough to delete the link in just one of the records.

What You Should Do: Deleting an incorrect link between a woman's record and an infant's record is a two-step process.

STEP #1: In the woman's Health Information:

  • Click the Infant(s) Born from This Pregnancy button

Infant(s) Born from This Pregnancy button

  • Click the Edit button

Infants Born from This Pregnancy window with Edit button circled in red

  • Remove the checkmark from the Infant on WIC checkbox

Infant on WIC checkbox

  • Click OK on the Edit Infant Information screen
  • Click the Delete button on the Infants Born from This Pregnancy window

STEP #2: In the infant's Health Information:

  • Remove the checkmark from the on WIC checkbox

On WIC checkbox

  • Save the change to the Health Information screen

December 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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Still Need to Complete Infant(s) Born from This Pregnancy Screen if Participant Miscarries

Description: The Health Information screen, including the Infant(s) Born from This Pregnancy screen, must be completed if a participant miscarries and she is certified as postpartum.

Explanation: The function of the Infant(s) Born from This Pregnancy screen is two-fold. It collects information about the pregnancy for which the woman is being certified as postpartum and it allows you to link records.

What You Should Do: When completing the Health Information screen, the Infant(s) Born from This Pregnancy screen should be opened and Stillborn, Miscarriage, or Abortion selected from the Infant Status at Birth field if you are certifying a postpartum woman who has miscarried. When this is selected, ALL other fields are disabled in that screen.

August 2011 HuBERT Hints #2

Tips and Guidance about Linking Mom and Baby

Description: You should always link mom's record to her infant's record when they are both on WIC in the same household.

Explanation: Linking records is essential to ensure that Risk Factors are assigned correctly and the correct default food packages are suggested.

What You Should Do: The following are a couple of tips for creating links between mom and baby's records.

  • Baby does not have to be certified to link but must be prescreened (have a WIC ID in the database)
  • Links should be created in mom's Infant(s) Born from This Pregnancy screen in order to create a two-way link immediately. Otherwise, if a link is initially created in baby's record, a link will also have to be created in mom's record.

NOTE! Baby’\'s Participant Folder or Health Information screen in the CGS must be closed at the time fields are updated and saved in mom's record. Otherwise, the information will not update in the infant’\'s Health Information.

August 2011 HuBERT Hints #1

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