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Note Required for Bloodwork Exception Reason (ENH-458)

Documentation in a general note has always been required by policy but will now be required by the system if any of the following bloodwork exception reasons are selected from the Reason Blood Work Was Not Collected drop-down:

  • Other (explain in notes)
  • Medical Condition (explain in notes)
  • Religious Objection (explain in notes)

Once one of these options is selected and the OK button clicked to save the exception reason, the system will automatically open the Add General Note window. A new Subject, Bloodwork Exception, has been added and should be selected.

If the Cancel button is clicked on the Add General Note window, the system will exit out of both the Add General Note window AND the Add/Edit Blood Measurement screen, returning the user to the Blood tab and not saving either the bloodwork exception selection or the blood record.

When the OK button is clicked, both the blood record and note will be saved.

Release 2.22 Document

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System Incorrectly Assigning Risk Factor 113 to Children 3-5 Years Old Measured Recumbent (TMP-169)

Description: The system is incorrectly auto-assigning Risk Factor 113, Obese (Children 2-5 Years of Age), to children who are 3-5 years old and are measured recumbent. These measurements are also not being plotted on the Y2-6 grids as they should be.

What You Should Do: This should affect a very limited number of children since most 3-5 year old children are measured standing. However, if risk factor 113 is incorrectly assigned, document that it should NOT have been assigned in a note.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issue's queue.

Identified Issues - Posted 5/13/14

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Do NOT Have to Select "CPA-determined not due for blood work" in Blood Tab when Entering Height/Weight Measurements into the Participant Folder

When entering height/weight measurements into the Participant Folder, there is no reason to enter a blood value unless a blood value was taken or the Participant Folder is being used in lieu of using the Mid-certification Assessment Guided Script (this should only occur in rare instances). There is no requirement for entering blood work into the Participant Folder. "CPA-determined not due for blood work" should only be selected if a blood work is REQUIRED by the system and not by policy.

November 2013 HuBERT Hints #1

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DO NOT Enter Anthropometric Measurements for Mid-certification Assessments (MCAs) into Participant Folder – Always Enter into MCA Guided Script (GS)

The system requires a blood record in order for the MCA GS to be completed. If blood is entered into the Participant Folder before the MCA GS is started, the system does not recognize the blood record and the MCA GS cannot be completed (this functions the same as entering a blood record into the Participant Folder before starting the Certification Guided Script).

If you enter a blood record into the Participant Folder on the same date the MCA GS is started, the Add button is disabled in the Blood tab. If this occurs, in order to be able to complete the MCA GS, you will need to:

  • Click on Height, Weight, and Blood in the MCA GS
  • Click the Blood tab
  • Click the Edit button
  • Enter a different value or select a different option from the Reason Blood Work Was Not Collected (depending on whether you entered a value or selected from the drop-down when entering bloodwork into the Participant Folder)
  • Click OK to save the edited record
  • Click Close and you should receive the checkmark for the Height, Weight, and Blood section
  • Click on Height, Weight, and Blood in the MCA GS
  • Click the Blood tab
  • Click the Edit button
  • Re-enter the correct value or re-select the correct option from the drop-down
  • Click the OK to save the correct edited record
  • Click Close

In order to avoid having to do this, please only enter anthropometric measurements into the MCA GS if a participant is due for a MCA.

NOTE! Although the above is specific to height/weight/blood, all changes made to a participant’s information should be made in the MCA GS if the participant is due for a Mid-certification assessment.

July 2013 HuBERT Hints #1

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