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What to Do if Having Printer Issues

If you are having issues with your printer, please call the Help Desk as your first step towards trouble-shooting the issue. The Help Desk may need to refer you to SourceTech for further assessment or diagnostics. If the printer issue cannot be resolved, SourceTech will send a replacement printer directly to your local agency.

When your printer is replaced, please submit the Report Faulty Printer Replacement Form to report that a defective printer has been replaced. This form assists with maintaining accurate inventory so that the printer warranties can be applied appropriately to the printers. The Report Faulty Printer Replacement Form is available on the MDH website at:


August 2016 HuBERT Hints #3

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Please Return Hardware to CSC; Not State Office

Hardware that is being returned to State inventory or surplus should be returned to CSC and not the State Office. Please call the MN Help Desk at 1.800.488.8799; 2; 2 to request a return label.

Reminder! If using previously shipped packages, please be sure to remove any old stickers or scratch out any old information labels.

April 2016 HuBERT Hints #1

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Deleted Scanned Documents Can Be Retrieved - Call Help Desk Immediately

The Help Desk can assist you with retrieving a scanned document that has been accidentally deleted if they are contacted immediately. The scanned document is still saved and available in other HuBERT databases the SAME day that a scanned document is deleted from the Production environment.

A confirmation message should display when deleting scanned documents to help you verify that you are deleting the correct document. The Session 3: Module 4 – Scan Documents training module that is available on the MDH WIC website provides more information about the scanning process.

April 2014 HuBERT Hints #2

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Standard Printer Naming Convention "-9512"

This is a reminder that when you or your County IT names/renames WIC Source Technologies' printers, the name must contain "-9512" regardless of the actual Source Technologies printer model. This naming convention allows HuBERT to recognize the printer.

August 2013 HuBERT Hints #1

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