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The Pending Proof of Income Checkbox Must Be Selected to Limit Issuance to One Month

Federal Regulations require participants who are pending proof of income to be limited to one month of issuance until proof of income can be verified. HuBERT will limit issuance to these participants but only if the Pending Proof of Income checkbox on the Income Calculator screen is selected. It is not enough to select the pending proof options from the proof drop-down lists for either adjunctive eligibility or traditional income assessment; you must also select the Pending Proof of Income checkbox.

You must select the Pending Proof of Income checkbox when selecting Pending Proof - 30 Day from the Adjunctive Eligibility proof drop-down lists.

Adjunctive Eligibility must select Pending Proof from drop-down and checkbox

You must also select the Pending Proof of Income checkbox when selecting **PENDING PROOF** from the income calculator Proof of Income drop-down.

Select PENDING PROOF and Proof of Income checkbox

The Pending Proof of Income checkbox is a system flag that, when selected, notifies HuBERT to display the CPA Review alert reminding us that proof of income is required:

CPA Review Alert - Proof of Income Required

It also limits the participant’s benefit issuance to one month so that you can’t over-issue benefits when the participant is pending proof of income.

Benefit Issuance screen indicating participant has already received the one set of benefit they are eligible for without proof of income

May 2014 HuBERT Hints #2

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Using "Copy Items to Current Income" Button Generates a Data Conversion Error when Copying Date with Single-Digit Month to Current Two-Digit Month (TMP-43)

Description: When using the Copy Items to Current Income button in the Income Calculator to copy an income from a month that has a leading zero, such as September (09), to a current month that has a two-digit month, such as November (11), a "Conversion String" error is occurring.

Income Calculator

What You Should Do: When using the Copy Items to Current Income button, the system maintains the Original Screening Date but inserts the income record with the current date. The system will only allow you to copy incomes with an Original Screening Date within the past 92 days. If you want to copy an income record that has been recorded within the last 92 days, you will have to enter the income manually.

Users will need to be aware that an income was copied and not actually verified since there is no way to indicate the Original Screening Date in the income record you enter manually. In order to inform others that the last income was not verified, you should write an alert indicating that the most recent income was manually copied, and not verified, using a previous income.

Example of alert text:

Income for 11/21/13 manually copied form income verified on 9/26/13 due to bug - alert

Since the "Conversion String" error is occurring because the system is adding a leading zero to the current month, this error shouldn't occur once incomes can no longer be copied from September.

Resolution: This has been entered into the issue queue.

Identified Issues - Posted 11/20/13

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You Can Use the Prescreen Calculator to Assess Income if Participant Not Currently Certified

The Add Income Screening Contact button is disabled in the Income History tab in the Participant Folder if the participant is not in a current cert. If you need to assess a participant's income and they aren't in a current cert, you can use the Income Calculator in Prescreen.

You don't have to enter any other information into Prescreen to open it. Simply enter the income information (you will be required to select a Proof of Income) and enter the Household Size. Click the OK button to prompt the system to assess income eligibility. Click OK on the eligibility/ineligibility message(s) and then click Cancel to exit the Prescreen.

March 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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