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MN WIC Program

This page can be used to help cross-reference the many different website resources that provide information about HuBERT issues and functionality, including the Identified Issues with Current HuBERT Releases page, Release Documents and HuBERT Hints. Content may appear under multiple topic headings and will be removed when no longer pertinent to the current HuBERT application.


Keywords/phrases: "/n", hard return


Keywords/phrases: agency 88, appointments for today, color, delete, define resource, first appointment offered date, high risk, IND PICKUP, initial contact, missed appointment follow-up, processing standards, reminder e-mails, reminder interval, resource, same day/next day, schedule, scheduling, short description, show/hide details, system-defined, transfer, view appointments for date, WIC category

Benefit Issuance

Keywords/phrases: 6 month, add/replace, beans, benefit, benefit pickup report, breastfeeding, cash-value, categorically ineligible, certification, child food package, definitions, early issuance, February, food package, fruit/vegetable, fully BF, infants turning one, late issuance, last set, LDTU, locked household, March, message, multiple PFDTU, non-breastfeeding, partial packages, pending, previous month, print, printed first date to use, proof, prorated, questions to ask, redeemed, residency, supplemental foods, sync, terminated, void reason


Keywords/phrases: 6 month, annual reports, breastfeeding, categorically ineligible, cert end date, certification history, count, date breastfeeding began, date breastfeeding ended, health information, infants born from this pregnancy, initial contact, link, nutrition assessment questions, non-breastfeeding, pregnant, printed first date to use, pseudo-cert, reason, some-breastfeeding, stopped, supplemental foods, VOC, WIC category

Certifications/Certification History

Keywords/phrases: 121, benefits, breastfeeding, cert end date, certification, certification history, error, February, food package, high risk, income calculator, initial contact, late issuance, LDTU, link, MCA, message, multiple PFDTU, pending, proof, pseudo-cert, pregnant, remove incomplete, referral, residency, VOC


Keywords/phrases: 113, 121, cash-value benefits, categorically ineligible, child food package, fruit/vegetable, high risk, infants turning one, recumbent, participant dies, relationship field, risk factor


Keywords/phrases: additionalinfo, ad-hoc, assigned clinic, fixed nighttime location, foster care, household table, local use codes, member table, participant dies, relationship field, reminder e-mails, risk factor 903, state use question, type of medical home, WIC category

Food Packages/Prescriptions (Food Items)

Keywords/phrases: 425, 428, 6 months, alternating, beans,breastfeeding, cash, value, child food package, default, food package, fruit/vegetable, infants turning one, pregnant, printed first date to use, prorated, remove incomplete, supplemental foods, risk factor, WIC category


Keywords/phrases: -9512, bandwidth, cpa signature, DVD, FedEx return labels, naming convention, print, PRP, returning hardware, scan documents, ST9612, toner cartridges, training video, void reason, windows XP

Health Information

Keywords/phrases: expected delivery date, infants born from this pregnancy, link, LMP start, non-breastfeeding, nutrition assessment questions, pregnant, reason, stopped

Height/Weight/Blood and Growth/Weight Gain Grids

Keywords/phrases: 113, blood, height, MCA, measurements, NA, recumbent, participant folder, percentile, weight

High Risk/Risk Factors

Keywords/phrases: 113, 121, 425, 428, 903, default, food package, foster care, high risk, nutrition assessment, processing standards, pseudo-cert, recumbent, report, risk factor, scheduling appointments


Keywords/phrases: calculator, copy to current, income, pending proof, prescreen


Keywords/phrases: 114, 121, 6 month, bf to nbf, breastfeeding, child, date breastfeeding began, date breastfeeding ended, error, food package, fully, health information, high risk, infants turning one, initial contact, last set's LDTU, link, MCA, object reference error, participant dies, printed first date to use, reason, relationship field, stopped, supplemental foods, terminated, termination date, two formulas, VOC, WIC category

Initial Contact/Processing Standards

Keywords/phrases: comment, contact type, requirements, same day/next day, scenarios, scheduling appointments

Mid-certification Assessments

Keywords/phrases: blood, certification history, completed date, due date, guided script, MCA, report, remove

Miscellaneous (Login, Security, CFH WIC Tools)

Keywords/phrases: bandwidth, CFH account, data safety, forms, household ID, HuBERT change request, HuBERT security, locked household, participant dies, participant search shortcut, passwords, reports environment, reset local reference data, request access, roles, scan documents, security training, WIC START

Notes/SOAP Notes

Keywords/phrases: "/n", copy, draft, maximum of 4000 characters, paste, SOAP, Word

Nutrition Assessment/Nutrition Education

Keywords/phrases: breastfeeding, pseudo-cert, questions, risk factors

Participant Search

Keywords/phrases: agency 88, certification expired, delete appointments, household ID, marking appointment as kept, participant dies, reports environment, search shortcut, show/hide details, termination reason, toggle on-site


Keywords/phrases: CLD029, closeout, count, county of issuance, daily, enrollment, EOM, monthly, outlays, redeemed, some-breastfeeding, participation, unduplicated, year-to-date

Pregnancy/Pregnant Women

Keywords/phrases: breastfeeding, expected delivery date, initial contact, LMP start, participant dies, relationship field


Keywords/phrases: calculator, cert end date, initial contact, processing standards, scheduling appointments, VOC


Keywords/phrases: 121, breastfeeding, cert end date, certification history, infant, nutrition assessment, risk factors


Keywords/phrases: contact date


Keywords/phrases: CLD029, "/n", ad-hoc, annual, back up onto flash drive, benefit pickup, breastfeeding, chart audit, closeout, counts, county of issuance, daily, enrollment, EOM, FTP site, high risk, household table, IND PICKUP, infoview, initial, member table, monthly, OPR051, outlays, participation, pseudo-cert, redeemed, report generator, reports environment, reset local reference data, risk factor, some-breastfeeding, unduplicated, WIC START, year-to-date


Keywords/phrases: assigned clinic, cert end date, certification history, delete appointments, initial contact, reminders, terminate, transfers, VOC, VOC document, WIC category

WIC Category Changes

Keywords/phrases: 6 month, bf to nbf, breastfeeding, categorical ineligibility, certification history, local use codes, pseudo-cert

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