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Initial Contact and Pregnant Women on WIC Before

An Initial Contact record is required for all pregnant women. If a women has been on WIC before, the Initial Contact button is available in the Demographics screen of the Participant Folder or Certification Guided Script.

When you click the button, the screen displays the initial contact information associated with the participant’s previous certification and the fields are disabled. However, the New Contact button is enabled.

Initial Contact screen for Pregnant women on WIC before

When you click the New Contact button, the Date will default to the current date and the fields will be enabled so that you can complete the new initial contact record.

November 2015 HuBERT Hints #1

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Initial Contact and Participants Previously on WIC

There appears to be some confusion about what Initial Contact date should be selected for participants who have previously been on WIC. The processing standards in the Federal Regulations specify that participants must be seen within a certain amount of time. This pertains to their current certification period. The Initial Contact date for participants who have previously been on WIC should indicate when they were first offered an appointment for their current certification, not their initial contact with WIC.

June 2014 HuBERT Hints #2

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Reminder about Requirements for Initial Contact Dialog

The Initial Contact dialog is required to complete Prescreen. However, you only have to open it and click the OK button so that the system saves the date that defaults into the Date field and the Type, which defaults to Phone. The system never requires you to complete the First Appointment Offered Date.

However, this field must be completed in order to assess whether the processing standards are being met and once the Initial Contact record has been saved, the First Appointment Offered date must be completed on that same date.

In order to make it easy for you to complete this information, the Initial Contact dialog was added to multiple screens (Prescreen; VOC; Participant Search/List; Demographics – Participant Folder and Cert Guided Script; and Scheduled Appointment for Household).

February 2013 HuBERT Hints #3

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Of the Following Scenarios, Which Ones Requires the Use of the Initial Contact Screen?

  • Brand new applicant - YES
  • A former WIC participant whose certification has lapsed – YES, if the lapse in certification is greater than 30 days
  • Pregnant woman, currently on WIC, who delivers and requests certification for herself (postpartum) and her new baby – YES for the baby, NO for the woman
  • Postpartum woman, currently certified for WIC, who now applies as a pregnant woman – YES
  • Postpartum woman, not certified for WIC during her pregnancy, who applies for WIC for herself and her new baby – YES for both applicants
  • Current participant, whose certification is ending, and who needs to be scheduled for a recertification – NO, if the recertification appointment can be scheduled within the following 30 days
  • Participant in a current certification period who transfers to Minnesota from out-of-state – NO, but schedule the transfer as soon as possible
  • Participant who misses a scheduled appointment and contacts the WIC office to reschedule – YES

2/20/2013 Memo - Processing Standards: Guidance for HuBERT Release 2.17.07

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Our agency uses Same Day/Next Day scheduling. If an applicant calls today, but all the appointments for today are full, the applicant is told to call tomorrow. How should this be documented?

The date of application is the date the applicant first calls. Leave the First Appointment Offered Date blank; write a comment documenting the information given to the applicant, such as "Today appts are full; call tomorrow" or "Schedule is full; call tomorrow".

2/20/2013 Memo - Processing Standards: Guidance for HuBERT Release 2.17.07

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The Minnesota Operations Manual, Section 3.2, states: "When an applicant (or a participant not in a current certification) requests program benefits in-person during WIC clinic hours, staff should prescreen the individual". What is the definition for "a participant not in a current certification"?

A participant whose certification has lapsed more than 30 days beyond the "Certification End Date" is considered not in a current certification.

2/20/2013 Memo - Processing Standards: Guidance for HuBERT Release 2.17.07

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Best Practice for Scheduling Appointments

Best practice for scheduling appointments is to see high risk applicants within 10 calendar days of their date of application and all others within 20 calendar days of date of application. We realize there are special circumstances (e.g., small WIC agencies that have limited number of WIC clinic days per month). In situations where your agency is routinely unable to meet the Processing Standards, we recommend consulting with your state WIC Regional Consultant to determine the best options for WIC applicants.

2/20/2013 Memo - Processing Standards: Guidance for HuBERT Release 2.17.07

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