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Use the Mid-certification Assessment Guided Script (MCA GS) for ALL Participants Certified for One Year

There appears to be some confusion about which participants the MCA GS should be used for since it was implemented at the same time as the one-year certification for children. The MCA GS should be used for all participants that are certified for one year who require a midcert, including:

  • Infants
  • Children
  • Breastfeeding Women

Any changes made to a participant’s record during a midcert should be performed in the MCA GS and NOT the participant folder. When changes are made and saved in the MCA GS, the system records both the date and staff ID. This information is then displayed in the Certification History tab.

If the MCA GS is not completed for a midcert, the system will have no record that the midcert was ever completed, and the following will occur:

  • The CPA Review alert reminding you that a midcert is due will continue to display
  • The Midcert Completion date on the Participant List Show Details panel will not display
  • The MCA Reports showing completed midcerts will not be correct

January 2014 HuBERT Hints #1

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MCA GS and CGS Icons Active at Same Time (TMP-36)

Description: The MCA GS and CGS icons are both active at the same time for participants who have a Mid-certification Due date but NO MCA Completed Date. These are participants that had their Midcert completed in the Participant Folder before the installation of Release 2.18.06 on June 29th, 2013, when the MCA GS was added to HuBERT. Although this will primarily be seen for participants during November and December 2013 due to the MCA conversion, it will continue to be seen for infants who have not had an MCA completed and are within 45 days of their Certification End Date.

The issue occurs if the MCA GS is started when you meant to start the CGS. When you realize you mistakenly started the MCA GS and close the MCA, the CGS icon is enabled. If you click the CGS icon instead of first removing the incomplete MCA, the system will allow the participant to have concurrent MCA GS and CGS sessions.

If information, such as Ht/Wt/Blood, was entered into the MCA GS or CGS and you have an MCA in process, any information entered will be treated as if it were entered ito the Participant Folder and you will not be able to complete the CGS.

What You Should Do: Make sure you are clicking on the correct icon to start the appropriate Guided Script.

Certification and MCA GS icons

If you realize you have mistakenly started the MCA GS instead of the CGS, please make sure to click the "door" icon instead of the "stop sign" icon. If you click the "stop sign" the system will end the MCA GS (as long as a blood value has been entered) and disables the Remove the Mid-certification Assessment, which you will need to do to "fix" this issue.

Close certification icons

If you have started the CGS, without first removing the MCA, start with Step 1. If you haven't started the CGS yet, start with Step 5:

  • Step 1: Click the "door" icon to exit the CGS
  • Step 2: Click the Certification menu.

Both the Remove Incomplete Certification and the Remove Mid-certification Assessment options are enabled

  • Step 3: Click the Remove Incomplete Certification option
  • Step 4: Click Yes on the message "The current certification attempt will be removed for the participant along with all of its related information. This information cannot be recovered after it has been removed. Do you wish to continue?"
  • Step 5: Click the Certification menu.
  • Step 6: Click the Remove Mid-certification Assessment option.
  • Step 7: Click Yes on the message "The incomplete mid-certification assessment will be canceled. Information collected will be retained but will not count toward a new assessment. Do you want to continue?"
  • Step 8: If a Nutrition Assessment was performed in the MCA GS or the CGS, delete it in the Participant Folder.
  • Step 9: Click the CGS icon to start a new certification.
  • Step 10: If a Ht/Wt and/or Blood record was completed in the MCA GS, you will need to "edit" the record in order for the CGS to recognize it as part of the certification.
  • Step 11: Click on Ht/Wt/Blood
  • Click the Edit button
  • Click OK
  • Click the Blood tab.
  • Click the Edit button
  • Click OK
  • Click Close

Resolution: This has been entered into the issue queue.

Identified Issues Page - Posted 11/14/13

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Instances Where the MCA Due Date Was Not Calculated during Record Conversion for Release 2.18.06

The following are a few instances where the MCA Due Date was not calculated when records were converted for Release 2.18.06:

  • If a participant was not in a current cert (including those who were terminated) on 6/29/13 when the record conversion was performed
  • Participants with only 6-month certifications (children should complete their 6-month cert; their next cert will be year-long)
  • Participants certified for one year prior to 9/1/12 (infants and breastfeeding women – since they would be over 9 months old or postpartum, respectively)
  • Breastfeeding women with less than 6 months left in their cert period

If a participant does not have a calculated MCA Due Date the MCA Guided Script icon will be disabled in the Participant Folder. The only time a MCA should be completed in the Participant Folder, and not the Guided Script, is when the Guided Script is unavailable due to the participant not having a calculated MCA Due Date.

July 2013 HuBERT Hints #2

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DO NOT Enter Anthropometric Measurements for Mid-certification Assessments (MCAs) into Participant Folder – Always Enter into MCA Guided Script (GS)

The system requires a blood record in order for the MCA GS to be completed. If blood is entered into the Participant Folder before the MCA GS is started, the system does not recognize the blood record and the MCA GS cannot be completed (this functions the same as entering a blood record into the Participant Folder before starting the Certification Guided Script).

If you enter a blood record into the Participant Folder on the same date the MCA GS is started, the Add button is disabled in the Blood tab. If this occurs, in order to be able to complete the MCA GS, you will need to:

  • Click on Height, Weight, and Blood in the MCA GS
  • Click the Blood tab
  • Click the Edit button
  • Enter a different value or select a different option from the Reason Blood Work Was Not Collected (depending on whether you entered a value or selected from the drop-down when entering bloodwork into the Participant Folder)
  • Click OK to save the edited record
  • Click Close and you should receive the checkmark for the Height, Weight, and Blood section
  • Click on Height, Weight, and Blood in the MCA GS
  • Click the Blood tab
  • Click the Edit button
  • Re-enter the correct value or re-select the correct option from the drop-down
  • Click the OK to save the correct edited record
  • Click Close

In order to avoid having to do this, please only enter anthropometric measurements into the MCA GS if a participant is due for a MCA.

NOTE! Although the above is specific to height/weight/blood, all changes made to a participant’s information should be made in the MCA GS if the participant is due for a Mid-certification assessment.

July 2013 HuBERT Hints #1

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MCA Guided Script Icon and MCA Completed Dates

The MCA Guided Script icon is only enabled when a MCA Due Date has been calculated for a participant. For those few participants that may not have a MCA Due Date after record conversion for Release 2.18.06, the MCA will have to be completed in the Participant Folder.

If the MCA is completed in the Participant Folder, and NOT the MCA Guided Script, the MCA will NOT have a Completed Date. Users should create an alert to indicate the MCA has been completed for these participants.

From the 2.18.06 Release Document

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