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Access to System Admin System Access Logs Removed

Users with Role 10 – LSA will no longer have rights to the System Access Logs in the System Administration module. We’ve removed these rights because one of the functions is to purge the access logs, which deletes all records in the SYSTEMACCESSLOG table, and it appears that on 4/21/16 a user may have accidentally purged all of the access logs resulting in all records being deleted prior to that date. Removing these rights should not affect any other rights in the System Admin module.

Running the Staff IDs & Names Infoview Report

In the June 2016 HuBERT Hints #2, we asked that local agencies run the Infoview report called STAFF IDS & NAMES found in the MN SHARED/STAFF MANAGEMENT folder to obtain a list of users that should potentially have their HuBERT user access deactivated. This report uses the SYSTEMACCESSLOG table, which no longer has records prior to 4/21/16.

In order to help maintain HuBERT application security it continues to be important for local agencies to identify users that should be deactivated and to submit the HuBERT User Request Form when a user should no longer have access to HuBERT. The report continues to be a useful tool; it just won’t list any users whose last login was prior to 4/21/16. If you are unsure if you have sent in a deactivation request for a specific user you may submit it again to ensure they were deactivated.

July 2016 HuBERT Hints #1

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Remember to Deactivate Inactive Users in HuBERT

Please remember to regularly deactivate users that should no longer have access to HuBERT. This includes staff who have been terminated or are on extended leave.

The WIC coordinator should use the HuBERT User Request form found on the WIC Tools – CFH Forms and Application page of the MDH website to submit these changes. Note that this form requires the user to have a CFH login.

Once you’ve signed in, select the HuBERT User Request and then your agency from the drop-down.

When the form opens, click on Deactivate Current User, complete the required fields, and submit the form. A confirmation form will display for your records.

Deactivate form

The user will be deactivated by the State Office within 3-5 days. (You will not receive confirmation from the State Office that the user has been deactivated.)

In case of unplanned departures where access should be immediately terminated, please contact the Help Desk.

Please note that following these procedures is part of the security policy for HuBERT. (Reference: MOM, Section 9.3)

June 2015 HuBERT Hints #1

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Using the HuBERT User Request Form and the Local Agency - HuBERT Change Request Form to Update Staff Information

There appears to be some confusion about when to use the HuBERT User Request Form and the Local Agency – HuBERT Change Request Form to update staff information. (Both of these forms are available on the AWIC Tools - CFH Forms and Applications page.)

HuBERT User Request Form
The HuBERT User Request Form requires a CFH Account to use it. This is a level of security that ensures that only the appropriate local agency staff uses it to submit staff information. It is used to update your staff’s access to HuBERT.

This is the form you want to use anytime you need to add access to HuBERT for a new staff person, modify one of your HuBERT user’s access (such as to Infoview or the Reports Environment), or to remove a staff person’s ability to access HuBERT.

Local Agency – HuBERT Change Request Form
The Local Agency - HuBERT Change Request Form does NOT require a CFH Account to use it. This is the form you can use to add or update staff information that displays on the Minnesota WIC Local Agency Directory page on the MDH WIC website as well as request software changes and queries/reports.

March 2015 HuBERT Hints #1

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Reminder! If Duplicated Participant Records Created Do Not Use “DUPLICATE” or “DO NOT USE”

This is just a reminder that when duplicate records are created, you no longer have to identify them using “DUPLICATE” or “DO NOT USE”. In fact, this makes matching duplicate records more difficult when using the Potential Duplicate Participants function in System Administration since matching of duplicate records is based on date of birth, first name, and last name. You can leave the participant’s name as is and HuBERT users with Role 10 – LSA should use Potential Duplicate Participants to combine the records as soon as possible.

For those participant records that currently have “DUPLICATE” or “DO NOT USE” in the names, the Infoview report template called FIRST OR LAST NAME LOOKUP.

February 2015 HuBERT Hints #3

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HuBERT Availability on Evenings and Weekends

Maintenance is performed on the HuBERT servers every evening and during the weekends. This includes the End-of-Day and End-of-Month processes along with other necessary maintenance. To ensure these processes are not interrupted, access to HuBERT should be limited to the following hours on weeknights and weekends:

  • Evenings – Monday through Friday: HuBERT is available until 10:00 PM
  • Saturdays: HuBERT is available from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Sundays: HuBERT is available from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Availability on weekends when Releases are installed may vary. Notification of availability during these weekends is always provided in the HuBERT Hints prior to the installation of the Release.

February 2015 HuBERT Hints #2

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CPA Household Alerts Displaying More than Once Resulting in Screen Focus Not on Most Recently Opened Participant Folder; Focus Remains on First Folder in the Household Opened (TWY-20 and 21)

Description: There are two issues contributing to the focus not being appropriately maintained on the most recent Participant Folder opened:

Household Alerts

  • If there is a CPA-created and a system-created household alert (such as Due for Mid-certification Assessment), the CPA-created alert is opening multiple times resulting in the first folder opened maintaining the screen focus instead of the most recent folder opened.
  • If there is a CPA-created household alert and a second folder is opened for that household leaving the first folder open (either by minimizing the first folder or just clicking on the Participant List), the CPA-created alert does not open again but the first folder opened maintains the screen focus and opens on top of the most recent folder opened.

Use of the Minimize Button

  • If when opening multiple Participant Folders in a household the minimize button is used to minimize the first Participant Folder opened instead of clicking on the Participant List (screen or button on the taskbar), the focus is maintained on the first folder opened, not the most recently opened folder.

What You Should Do: You don't have to use the Minimize button to switch between folders or return to the Participant List screen. You can click on the buttons on the taskbar or the Participant List screen in the background.

Resolution: These issues have been added to the issues queue.

Identified Issues - Posted 10/1/14

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HuBERT Performance Update

The following information about HuBERT performance was provided at the regional meetings held on Monday, August 25:

Many factors can impact HuBERT Performance: Networks, Hardware, and Software. The following are some suggestions to consider that could possibly improve the system performance.

What can Local Agencies do?


  • Assess your network connectivity

• Contact your local IT for assistance in determining network congestion

• If WIC has a dedicated Internet service, contact local Internet provider for network support

  • Complete time tests and compare to established HuBERT performance benchmarks (see HuBERT Performance Benchmarks page on the MDH WIC website for the most recent benchmarks)


  • Review inventory to ensure you don't have out-of-date models (any HP laptops) – call the MN Help Desk to receive a replacement
  • If using locally-owned computers, compare specifications to State-provided computer specifications (see HuBERT Computer Specifications page on the MDH WIC website for the current specifications)


  • Assess what other programs/applications may be running simultaneously
  • Ensure that all system updates are being applied (malware/viruses can affect system performance)

What can/does MDH WIC do?


  • Assess impact to performance during design of any future enhancements and prior to development
  • Require contractor to identify and implement any improvements in performance during software development for specific enhancements or defect fixes
  • Perform benchmarking to assess performance impact as part of UAT for any software release
  • Monitor performance of the centralized servers to ensure there are adequate resources and bandwidth

Long Term

  • Code improvements, system redesign, and architectural changes to improve system performance – this is a priority for MN and the SPIRIT User Group (SUG)

• This will be a major multi-year project and the timeline and funding for this upgrade is currently being discussed by the SUG

NOTE: The HuBERT Communications & Memos and the Resources & Forms pages on the MDH WIC website have links to the HuBERT Computer Specifications and HuBERT Performance Benchmarks pages.

August 2014 HuBERT Hints #3

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Role Definitions and Changes to HuBERT User Request Form

The HuBERT User Request form is submitted by WIC coordinators/supervisors to add, update, and deactivate HuBERT users. The form is being updated to add another role: Role 11 – Clerical/Phone. Since there continues to be some confusion about the roles available to HuBERT users, the following is a table that defines the HuBERT roles:

Role Definition Access to
1 - CPA Users are able to perform all HUBERT functions, including certification, mid-certification assessments, and benefit issuance.

HuBERT Production Clinic Module

Central Administrative Site - participant look-up only

2 – CPA with Build Clinic Calendar Users are able to perform all HUBERT functions, including certification (cert), mid-certification assessments (MCA), and benefit issuance. Users are also able to build the agency’s Clinic Calendar for appointment scheduling.

HuBERT Production Clinic Module

Central Administrative Site - participant look-up and Build Master Calendar

3 – View Only Users are able to view all tabs within the Participant Folder. Role 3 users cannot make any changes.

HuBERT Production Clinic Module - view only

4 – Peer Users are able to perform the following functions: create notes, alerts, breastfeeding contacts, update Demographics information, and add referrals. Other parts of the Participant Folder are view only. This role does not have access to the Income History tab.

HuBERT Production Clinic Module - no Income History

10 – LSA Users are able to maintain agencies; Referral Organizations and Program topics; Medical Clinics and Providers; and Local use Questions.

System Administration (must view Session 11: System Administration Modules 1 and 2 before being granted access)

11 – Clerical/Phone (NEW) Users are able to perform the following functions: create notes and alerts; update Demographics and Ht/Wt/Blood; print Participant Summaries and VOC Documents; and schedule appointments. Role 11 users cannot perform the following: issue, mark lost/stolen, void or add/replace benefits; VOC or start a cert or MCA.

HuBERT Production Clinic Module - update Demographics, Ht/Wt/Blood and Appt Scheduling; all other tabs are view only

June 2014 HuBERT Hints #2

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Deleted Scanned Documents Can Be Retrieved - Call Help Desk Immediately

The Help Desk can assist you with retrieving a scanned document that has been accidentally deleted if they are contacted immediately. The scanned document is still saved and available in other HuBERT databases the SAME day that a scanned document is deleted from the Production environment.

A confirmation message should display when deleting scanned documents to help you verify that you are deleting the correct document. The Session 3: Module 4 – Scan Documents training module that is available on the MDH WIC website provides more information about the scanning process,

April 2014 HuBERT Hints #2

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Optimal Bandwidth for Using HuBERT

The following are bandwidth recommendations for using HuBERT. Unfortunately, connection requirements are affected by more than we have control over in our environment, including the number of other users using the same network.

Testing of the speed between the HuBERT servers and your computer's location can be performed at: http://speedtest.mnwic.net.

The following is an estimation of required bandwidth to use HuBERT based on the number of users (Ref: Clinic Site Preparation for HuBERT – 6/8/12, page 4).

  • 1-3 users: 1.5 Mbps downspeed
  • 3-7 users: 3.5 Mbps downspeed
  • 8 or more: 5 Mbps or higher downspeed

January 2014 HuBERT Hints #3

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Security Training Modules – REQUIRED Annual Training for All WIC Staff

The State is required to provide security training for all WIC staff. This training must be reviewed and tracked by Local Agencies every Federal fiscal year (October 1 – September 30). A tracking spreadsheet has been provided that agencies can use to track the staff names and dates of review.

The training consists of two modules. The first module is an overview of:

  • Data privacy
  • System security features
  • Physical security
  • Electronic communication
  • Social engineering
  • Lost/stolen computers and media
  • This module has 78 slides and the audio is 22 minutes long. It should take about 30 minutes to complete since there are 16 true/false and multiple choice questions that test your current knowledge before each new training point.

    The second module consists of 15 review questions to help you assess your understanding of the training provided. This is a self-assessment; there is no scoring involved. This module has 33 slides and 10 minutes of audio.

    The Security Training modules are available on the MDH WIC website on the HuBERT Training Sessions page.

    TIP! Double-click the "NEXT" button on the question slides to move to the next slide.

    January 2014 HuBERT Hints #3

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    Use HuBERT Change Request Form to Make Changes to Agency and Clinic Address Information for Both HuBERT and MDH WIC Website

    Please use the Local Agency HuBERT Change Request Form to inform the State of changes to agency and clinic address information. When submitted, this information is e-mailed to the appropriate State staff who maintain the information in both HuBERT and on the MDH WIC website.

    August 2013 HuBERT Hints #1

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    New Standards for Passwords

    This is just a reminder that your HuBERT password, which expires every 90 days, will need to meet the new standards now that Release 2.17.07 has been installed. If your current password does not meet the new standards, the system will continue to accept it until you are prompted to change it. Once you are required to change it, it must:

    • Have 8-16 characters
    • Include upper and lower case letters
    • Include a number
    • Include a special character (!@#$%^&*”:;?>)
    • Be different from the last 9 passwords you've used

    February 2013 HuBERT Hints #3

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    Changes to Scan Documents

    When changes were made to the scan document process for the HuBERT Vendor Module, another State that uses the SPIRIT software was no longer able to scan. In order to resolve this issue, changes were made to the clinic application to use the same code used for vendor scanning. This resulted in a change to the Scan a Document interface.

    Old and New Scan a Document Interface

    The Scan a Document interface defaults to the appropriate selections for the clinic application so that you can still just click the OK button. These default settings should be used when scanning.

    November 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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    Reset Local Reference Data Every Day

    You must continue to Reset Local Reference Data every day before using the clinic application and whenever you change between the Production and Reports environments.

    Resetting your Local Reference Data becomes especially important after downloading a Release.

    Changes to food items and drop-down lists are stored on your computer. This information is reset and updated when you reset your Local Reference Data. Usually, when these types of changes need to be made, we try to coordinate them with a Release. However, they are not actually included as part of the Release installation but are performed on the HuBERT back-end at the same time. Resetting the Local Reference Data, which is the last step of the installation process, makes these changes to your computer and is necessary so that you don’t receive errors or have problems using new food items.

    November 2012 HuBERT Hints #1

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    Managing a Participant's Record if the Participant Dies

    Description: When a participant dies it can be uncomfortable or difficult if staff don't realize it and ask the family about the member.

    Explanation: Participants who haven't had any activity on their participant record remain in the Local Agency database for 180 days before being purged to Agency 88. When the household is searched for the participant will continue to display for 6 months. Alerts are helpful but only if the staff asks questions after opening the Participant Folder.

    What You Should Do: Change the participant's Household ID so that the participant record no longer displays with the rest of the household. Select Other (explain in notes) from the Reason for ID Change drop-down and document why the participant's household ID was changed.

    September 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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    HuBERT Security and Data Safety Reminders

    Some critical reminders are as follows:

    • Each staff member should have a separate, and non-administrative, Windows user account for any computer that they will be using.
    • Always keep your HuBERT user accounts up to date. Most importantly, this means updating the WIC Help Desk with any Local Agency staff that leave or will no longer be using the HuBERT Information System.
    • Use secure passwords. Secure passwords are composed of at least eight characters, use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. You can review the Passwords section in MOM Chapter 9.3 for more thorough guidance.
    • Be sure to keep hardware secure via Kensington lock or locking cabinet. Hardware also needs to be secured and/or locked down during transport or while in storage.
    • Always report any hardware or data breaches to the State Office as soon as possible.
    • Data stored on USB drives (removable storage) should be protected and disposed of appropriately. This includes deleting data from the USB drive when it is no longer needed.
    • Also, be aware of any local security policies; some may be more stringent.

    Please review MOM Chapter 9.3: Security, for further details.

    April 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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    How to Create a CFH (Child Family Health) Account and Request Access to Forms on WIC Tools (PDF: 291KB/3 pages)

    February 2012 HuBERT Hints #1

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    When are records removed from the Local Database to the Statewide Database (Agency 88)?

    Records are automatically archived during the End-of-Day (EOD) process. When records are archived, the system changes the Agency ID to 88 in the MEMBER table. This is an indication that the participant's record has been archived.

    The archive rules are based on the current certification status of the participant:

    • Prescreened > 60 days ago and not certified
    • Terminated > 6 months ago, not certified, and currently not in a new cert attempt
    • Determined ineligible > 6 months ago and not certified

    January 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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    Always Close Issue Benefits Window When Returning to Participant Folder to Avoid Locked Household

    Description: In Release 2.12.05, a Lock Household function was added to ensure that the Issue Benefits screen could only be opened for one member of a household at a time.

    Explanation: When you click on the Issue Benefits icon, the system will verify whether another Issue Benefits screen has already been opened for the household. If not, HuBERT allows the Issue Benefits screen to be opened but places a temporary lock on the household so that the screen cannot be opened again for the same household until the screen is closed.

    If the Issue Benefits screen is already opened and you try to open it again for the same household, a warning message displays indicating the household is temporarily locked. Both the initial user who opened the screen and the State WIC ID of the participant folder from which the Issue Benefits screen was opened is displayed in the message.

    Message:  This household is temporarily locked because user (MALLBS1) is in the process of issuing benefits to member 42563

    What You Should Do: Once the Issue Benefits screen is closed either by issuing benefits or exiting the screen, the system will automatically unlock the household. To avoid receiving the message, always exit the Issue Benefits screen if you have to return to a household member's Participant Folder before issuing the benefits (for example, to update the food prescription).

    If you receive the message, click the Cancel button. Then, determine which household member already has the Issue Benefits screen open and re-maximize/use that screen. If another user has the Issue Benefits screen open, let them know that they must close it in order for you to be able to issue benefits.

    If the household is locked even once the Issue Benefits screen is closed (due to a workstation locking up or loss of connectivity), you can manually unlock it by going to: File…System Tools…Unlock Locked Household.

    For more information, please see pages 15-16 in the Release 2.12.05 Document.

    NOTE: All households are automatically unlocked during the End-of-Day processes.

    August 2011 HuBERT Hints #2

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    Reports Environment Also Installs Releases

    This is just a reminder that when a Release is installed on Production, it is also installed on the Reports Environment. The first time you access the Reports Environment after a release is implemented, the system will automatically install the Release (just like Production).

    August 2011 HuBERT Hints #2

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    Participant Search Shortcut

    While visiting a local agency one of their staff pointed out a keyboard shortcut that she uses to copy the Household ID from the Participant Search/List results.

    • Click to highlight the participant on the Participant List
    • Click on the highlighted Household ID
    • Press Ctrl + C on the keyboard to copy the number
    • Select the Household ID radio button
    • Click into the Household ID field
    • Press Ctrl + V on the keyboard to paste the number

    Although this may seem like it takes longer because we broke it down into six steps, it takes about half the time it would take to type the actual household ID into the field. You can copy any of the fields in any of the columns (such as State WIC ID) on the Participant Search/List screen in this same manner.

    When would you use this?

    • Searching for the rest of the members of a household after looking up one member of the household based on State WIC ID, name, DOB, etc.
    • When switching from Statewide view to Agency view

    April 2011 HuBERT Hints #1

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