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How Risk Factors Display in the Risk Factors Tab when Assigned from the Nutrition Assessment Tab

Risk factors, when assigned while in the Nutrition Assessment Tab (NAT) during a certification, display under the dates of that certification on the Risk Factors tab.

If another NAT is completed during the certification period, either via the Participant Folder or the Mid-certification Assessment, HuBERT does not go back and retrieve the risk factors assigned when the previous NAT was completed; it creates a new record of risk factors associated with the new NAT.

In the Risk Factors tab, if a pseudo-cert is created upon completion of a new NAT, only those risk factors assigned during the new NAT will display under the dates associated with the pseudo-cert while the risk factors assigned during the initial NAT will continue to display under the dates of the certification.

December 2014 HuBERT Hints #1

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Breast Pumps and Supplies Added to Materials Given in Nutrition Education Tab

For Breastfeeding women, a new category BREASTPUMPS AND SUPPLIES has been added to the Add Materials Given list. In order to control where in the list these options display, a "z" was added to each description so that these materials display alphabetically at the bottom of the list>

The last two items in the list, Expression Cup ā€“ Hygeia and Nipple Shield (See Notes), are not in alphabetical order and display with a "zz" prefacing them

Update Document - Food, Formula, & Materials Given Changes - 07/01/14

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Pseudo-Certs and Risk Factors Assigned during Nutrition Assessment

Changes made to information in the Participant Folder cause the system to reassess risk factor assignment, such as when you add new height/weight measurements. When changes to risk factors occur, a pseudo-cert is created. Remember, a pseudo-cert is simply a modification to how the certification period displays in the Risk Factors tab in HuBERT.

If risk factors were initially assigned during Certification Guided Script (CGS) in the Nutrition Assessment screen (as indicated below with the blue ā€œVā€), they display under the initial certification period.

Risk Factors tab with initial cert information circled in red

If a pseudo-cert is created, and a more recent Nutrition Assessment has been performed, as you may see occurring more often with mid-certifications, the system will review the most recent Nutrition Assessment for risk factors. If no risk factors were assigned during the most recent Nutrition Assessment, the system will not carry any risk factors forward into the pseudo-cert (as shown below). NOTE: CPAs are only required to assign all applicable risk factors during actual certifications; not mid-certs.

Risk Factors tab showing the risk factors not forwarding to pseudo-cert

Although it may appear that the risk factors have been removed, always keep in mind that pseudo-certs are simply a change to the way the certification period is displayed, and that the risk factors assigned during the initial certification continue to be associated with that certification.

April 2013 HuBERT Hints #2

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Nutrition Assessment Questions for Breastfeeding Women

To ensure the appropriate questions display when the Nutrition Assessment screen is opened, the Health Information should be completed first. The questions that display when you open the Nutrition Assessment screen are based on the participant's WIC category and breastfeeding amount. If the Breastfeeding Amount is not selected before opening the screen, the system does not know which questions are appropriate to display causing it to display all of the breastfeeding questions.

April 2013 HuBERT Hints #1

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