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"/n", hard returns, maximum of 4000 characters, SOAP

Hard Return in Notes and Alerts Results in "/n" Added to Text – Need to Be Aware if Using Text as Criteria in Reports

If you hit the Enter key after typing an alert or within notes, the system stores an additional character "/n" at the end of the typed text in the database.

For example, if you type text and hit the Enter key after each word:


This is how it is saved to the database: THIS\nIS\nA\nTEST\n

This does not display in the application but can cause problems if you are using specific text as a criterion for a report. For instance, if you wanted to identify all alerts that begin with "THIS IS A TEST", using ALERT.TEXT = 'THIS IS A TEST', it would only find those alerts that were typed without any hard returns.

September 2012 HuBERT Hints #1

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Maximum of 4000 Characters Saved for SOAP Notes

Description: SOAP notes have a maximum of 4000 characters in HuBERT but the system will allow you type more than 4000 characters into a note. However, once saved, the note will only display the 4000 characters that can be saved to the database.

What You Should Do: There isn't a character counter in Notes. If you think you may have written more than 4000 characters, you can double-check by copying the text, opening a Microsoft Word document and pasting the text into the document. Click on the Review ribbon (1) and click on Word Count (2).

If you have written more than 4000 characters, you can modify it in Word until the character count is less than 4000 and then copy and paste it back into your note.

November 2011 HuBERT Hints #1

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