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Pregnant Women Who Are Breastfeeding

Pregnant and Fully-Breastfeeding: Keep mom's breastfeeding certification until her cert ends or she stops fully-breastfeeding since the food package for fully-breastfeeding provides more food than the pregnant food package.

Pregnant and Mostly- or Some-BF: Certify mom as pregnant. If she is still breastfeeding, you can leave the infant as mostly- or some-breastfeeding as appropriate. However, you must delete the link from the infant's folder by removing the checkmark from the On WIC checkbox and saving the changes to the Health Information.

On WIC Checkbox

If the link is not deleted: if the baby's Breastfeeding Amount is changed to Non-Breastfeeding and s/he is over 6 months old, the system will terminate mom's current certification (the system only looks for a linked mom to terminate, it does not verify the current WIC Category).

April 2013 HuBERT Hints #1

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Using the Authorized Representative's Relationship Field

If users choose to use the Relationship field, they should select the option that best describes the representative's relationship to a child in the household (born or unborn).

For instance, if in mom's participant folder, "Mother" should be selected for the Authorized Representative's Relationship field since she is the mother of the children in the household. Other examples:

  • If mom's sister is an Alternate Representative, select "Aunt" since that is her relationship to the child(ren) in the household.
  • If mom is pregnant and her mother is an Alternative Representative, select "Grandmother" since she will be the grandmother of the unborn child.

From the 2.17.07 Release Document

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Of the Following Scenarios, Which Ones Requires the Use of the Initial Contact Screen?

  • Pregnant woman, currently on WIC, who delivers and requests certification for herself (postpartum) and her new baby – YES for the baby, NO for the woman
  • Postpartum woman, currently certified for WIC, who now applies as a pregnant woman – YES
  • Postpartum woman, not certified for WIC during her pregnancy, who applies for WIC for herself and her new baby – YES for both applicants

2/20/2013 Memo - Processing Standards: Guidance for HuBERT Release 2.17.07

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Verify Accuracy of Expected Delivery Date and Update as Appropriate in Health Information

The LMP Start Date, which is used in calculations to system-assign certain risk factors and the number of weeks gestations for linked infants, is calculated based on the Expected Delivery date. If the Expected Delivery date is incorrect, it can affect the system's ability to accurately calculate and system-assign Risk Factors.

The Expected Delivery date field is one of the few fields enabled in the Pregnancy tab of the Health Information screen. It is essential that you verify the accuracy of the participant's Expected Delivery date prior to beginning a new certification and update it if appropriate.

NOTE: Since this date also affects the participant's Cert End Date, you should also try to verify it at Nutrition Education Contacts (benefit pick-ups).

November 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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Managing a Participant's Record if the Participant Dies

Description: When a participant dies it can be uncomfortable or difficult if staff don't realize it and ask the family about the member.

Explanation: Participants who haven't had any activity on their participant record remain in the Local Agency database for 180 days before being purged to Agency 88. When the household is searched for the participant will continue to display for 6 months. Alerts are helpful but only if the staff asks questions after opening the Participant Folder.

What You Should Do: Change the participant's Household ID so that the participant record no longer displays with the rest of the household. Select Other (explain in notes) from the Reason for ID Change drop-down and document why the participant's household ID was changed.

September 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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