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Reminders about Creating Referrals in HuBERT

Local agencies can create their own referrals, or Organizations, in the System Administration module. However, because all organizations are maintained at the state level, in order for the list to be useful to each agency, the following guidance should be followed when creating them:

  • No new Program topics (headers that categorize the referral organizations) should ever be created (these were initially defined by the State and Local Agency HuBERT Planning Workgroup). There are 28 Program topics and at least one topic should be applicable for any organization.

• A local agency inadvertently added Food and Nutrition Food shelf as a state-level Program topic.

• You may see this Program topic in your Program list; do NOT add any referrals/organizations to this topic since the referral/organization will display for ALL agencies

  • Organizations should only be added to Program Topics at the agency level
  • All Organizations should have the Agency ID in parentheses after the name of the organization. (NOTE: The Infoview REFERRAL CONTACTS report template will not work unless the organizations are formatted correctly.)

June 2015 HuBERT Hints #2

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Previous Referral Dates Not Allowed in CGS (TMP-40)

Description: When entering a Contact Date into the Certification Guided Script (CGS), the system will not allow a date before the current date to be entered. If a previous date is entered, upon ending the certification, the Event Log will display indicating that "No referrals found for current certification".

Explanation: This is due to the system verifying the Contact Date instead of the Created Date for the referral.

What you Should Do: If you need to enter a previous Contact Date for a referral, you can edit the referral in the Participant Folder on the same date the certification is completed.

Resolution: This issue has been added to the issues queue.

Identified Issues - Posted 2/24/14

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