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Termination Reason of Certification Expired

The system has been modified to terminate a participant that has failed to recertify for 31 days past their certification due date and is not in a new certification period for EOD processing.

When this occurs, the Termination Reason of Certification Expired will display in the Show Details panel of the Participant Search screen and Demographics AdditionalInfo2 tab.

Certification Expired Term Reason on Participant Search Show Details

A change has also been made so that a participant who was determined ineligible at their last cert attempt more than 6 months ago does not have to be terminated to be transferred to Agency 88.

From the 2.18.06 Release Document

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When are records removed from the Local Database to the Statewide Database (Agency 88)?

Records are automatically archived during the End-of-Day (EOD) process. When records are archived, the system changes the Agency ID to 88 in the MEMBER table. This is an indication that the participant's record has been archived.

The archive rules are based on the current certification status of the participant:

  • Prescreened > 60 days ago and not certified
  • Terminated > 6 months ago, not certified, and currently not in a new cert attempt
  • Determined ineligible > 6 months ago and not certified

January 2012 HuBERT Hints #2

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Participant Search Shortcut

While visiting a local agency one of their staff pointed out a keyboard shortcut that she uses to copy the Household ID from the Participant Search/List results.

  • Click to highlight the participant on the Participant List
  • Click on the highlighted Household ID
  • Press Ctrl + C on the keyboard to copy the number
  • Select the Household ID radio button
  • Click into the Household ID field
  • Press Ctrl + V on the keyboard to paste the number

Although this may seem like it takes longer because we broke it down into six steps, it takes about half the time it would take to type the actual household ID into the field. You can copy any of the fields in any of the columns (such as State WIC ID) on the Participant Search/List screen in this same manner.

When would you use this?

  • Searching for the rest of the members of a household after looking up one member of the household based on State WIC ID, name, DOB, etc.
  • When switching from Statewide view to Agency view

April 2011 HuBERT Hints #1

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