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Remember to Delete Appointments at Other Agencies when Participant Transfers to Your Agency

When a participant transfers to a different agency/clinic any appointments they may have scheduled at their previous agency/clinic are NOT automatically deleted by the system.

It is best practice when performing an in-state transfer to always delete appointments scheduled at another agency.

If a participant has an appointment scheduled, it will display in the Show Details panel on the Participant Search/List screen.

Show Details panel with next appointment circled in red

You can delete the scheduled appointments by opening the Appointments tab in the Participant Folder and clicking the View All button in order to display any appointments scheduled at another agency.

View All button

Clicking the View All button will do two things: display all appointments scheduled for household members and enable the Delete Appointment button.

Appointments tab

By deleting appointments scheduled at the participant’s previous agency, you will help to ensure that the no-show rate won't be inadvertently inflated by participants who have transferred out of an agency and that those appointments will be made available for other participants still receiving services from that agency.

May 2015 HuBERT Hints #2

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The Cert End Date for All VOCs Should Be the Last Date of the Month in Which the Cert Ends

Description: The Cert End Date should be the last date of the month in which a participant's certification ends when performing VOC transfers.

Explanation: All certification end dates are calculated by HuBERT as the last date of the month in which a certification ends. If a participant comes from a state that ends their certification based on the actual date the participant was certified, you should round up to the last date of that month and enter that as the Cert End Date for all WIC Types.


  • Cert End Date on VOC = 2/07/2012
  • Cert End Date for MN WIC = 2/29/2012 (Note: February 2012 is a Leap Year.)

VOC with Cert End Date as 2/29/2012

What You Should Do: If you are performing a VOC certification, you must enter the last date of the month in which the cert ends as the Cert End Date.

January 2012 HuBERT Hints #1

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Participants Can Be Transferred to Another Clinic in Your Agency by Changing Their Assigned Clinic in the Participant Folder

Did you know that you can transfer a participant to another clinic in your agency simply by changing the Clinic Assigned in the Demographics screen of the Participant Folder?

Demographics screen with circle around Clinic Assigned field

Once you select a different clinic, you will receive the "Do you want to transfer this participant to this clinic?" message. Click Yes and the participant now belongs to the newly assigned clinic.

Do you want to transfer this participant to this clinic message

October 2011 HuBERT Hints #3

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Reminders about VOCs

The following are just some reminders about out-of-state transfers, or VOCs:

  • The Cert End Date is required for VOCs – make sure to enter the last date of the month if the cert ends on a date during the month
  • VOCs do not display in the Certification History tab since only certifications completed via the Certification Guided Script (CGS) display – this information can be found in the Risk Factors tab because the system auto-assigns Risk Factor 502 - Transfer of Certification
  • The Cert Start Date for VOCs is the date on which the VOC is performed
  • VOCs should only be performed if the participant is in a current cert – if their cert from another state has ended, do not perform a VOC, simply Prescreen (if necessary) and certify via the CGS

August 2011 HuBERT Hints #4

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Do Not Terminate Participant when Printing VOC Document

Description: The Terminate checkbox on the Produce VOC Document window should not be selected when printing a VOC document.

Produce VOC Document window

Explanation: Although it appears that you need to select the Terminate Participant checkbox to print the VOC document because of the way the screen displays, it is not required. We do not terminate participants that may be moving out of state.

What You Should Do: To print the VOC document, you should simply click the OK button and the document will be immediately sent to the printer.

May 2011 HuBERT Hints #1

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