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Training & Software

MN WIC Program

HuBERT Hints
A newsletter provided multiple times during most months and has tips, guidance, best practices, and information about reports, training, hardware, releases, etc.

HuBERT Software Release Documents
Documents that provide detailed information about changes, enhancements and bug fixes included in each HuBERT Release or Update.

HuBERT Structured Exercises for Hands-On Practice
Documents that provide steps for hands-on practice for using HuBERT.

HuBERT Training Modules
On-line training modules for HuBERT, the WIC Information System.

Identified Issues with Current HuBERT Releases
Provides up-to-date information about any issues found by Local Agencies and confirmed by the State WIC Office and MN Help Desk.

Infoview Training Modules
On-line training modules required for MN WIC Infoview users.

Minnesota WIC App
General information about the MN WIC App.

Security Training Modules
Annual security training is required for all WIC staff every Federal Fiscal Year. This module reviews data privacy, system security fieatures, physical security, etc. A short post test for training self-assessment is also provided.

State Use Questions
Provides guidance and definitions for using State Use Question #1 - Breastfeeding Exclusivity and State Use Question #6 - Cultural Identity to collect participation information.

Windows 7: Customizing and Optimizing Your Taskbar (OPTIONAL)
This optional training module walks you through moving your taskbar to the right margin on your desktop and the advantages of doing so.