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MN WIC Program

The HuBERT training modules are undergoing revisions to make them up-to-date as of Release 2.19. We will be taking this opportunity to do some re-structuring of the training modules, which will include condensing and re-organizing them to be stand-alone modules based on topic.

As revisions are completed, sessions will be replaced by topic modules. For example, Session 1, which used to consist of four separate modules (Hardware, Software, Application Security and WIC Session Manager) has been condensed into one stand-alone module, Hardware/Software, while the application security information was integrated into the Security Training module.

We will also be revising the training page portion of the website to make it more easily navigable. We appreciate your patience during this transition period.

Security Training

(REQUIRED) - Posted 1/22/2014

Annual security training is required for all WIC staff every Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 - September 30). Local Agencies are responsible for tracking staff and ensuring that all staff review the security module every year.

Tracking Spreadsheet

Security Training Module

Review of data privacy, system security features, physical security, electronic communication, social engineering,and lost/stolen computers and media.

Review Questions & Answers

15 post review questions and answers to be used as a training self-assessment.

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Windows 7: Customizing and Optimizing Your Taskbar


This optional training module walks you through moving your taskbar to the right margin on your desktop and the advantages of doing so.

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HuBERT Training Checklist

Checklist (Excel: 14KB/3 pages) - revised 12/14
This checklist can be used to track which modules you have completed.

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Overview of printers, signature pads, HuBERT releases, connectivity, End-of-Day, WIC Session Manager, Reset Local Reference Data and logging off.

REVISED: Release 2.19 - February, 2014

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Session 2: Participant Search

  • Participant Search
  • Prescreening
  • Out-of-State Transfers
  • In-State Transfers

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Session 3: Introduction to Participant Folder

  • Introduction to Participant Folder
  • Manage Notes
  • Manage Alerts
  • Scan Documents

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Session 4: Certification Guided Script (CGS) - Part 1

  • Introduction to CGS
  • Demographics
  • Health Information

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Income Assessment

  • Income History tab
  • Adjunctive Eligibility
  • Individual Adjunctive Eligibility
  • Traditional Income Screening
  • Temporary Eligibility
  • Presumptive Eligibility
  • Over Income
  • No Income
  • Income Waiver

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Session 5: Certification Guided Script (CGS) - Part 2

  • Height/Weight
  • Growth and Weight Gain Grids
  • Blood
  • Nutrition Assessment Tab
  • Risk Factors/High Risk
  • Pseudo Certs
  • Referrals
  • Nutrition Education
  • Create SOAP Notes in CGS
  • CPA Determined Follow-up

Nutrition Assessment (VENA) Questions

Risk Factors (SWF/32 slides)

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Session 6: Certification Guided Script (CGS) - Part 3

  • Food Prescription
  • End Cert Process
  • Certification History Tab
  • Participant Activities Menu Functions

Mid-certification Assessments (MCAs)

Release 2.18.06 - Posted 5/1/2013

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Benefit Management

Revised - December 2014

  • Definitions
  • Late Issuance
  • Proration
  • Cycle Adjust - System Determined and "Select LDTU of"
  • Printing and Mailing Benefits
  • Household Lock
  • Benefit History tab
  • System and Benefit Issuance Messages
  • Benefit Management Menu
  • Food Instrument Disposition

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Session 8: Appointment Scheduling

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Appointments Tab
  • View Appointments for Date
  • Missed Appointment Follow-up

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Session 9: HuBERT Reports

Modules 1-3 Required for Users with Reports Access;
Modules 4-6 Required for Infoview Users

  • State Office Reports Module
  • Central Administrative Site Reports Module
  • Clinic Reports Module
  • FileZilla - FTP Site
  • Infoview Reports

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Session 11: System Administration

Only required for users with access to these functions.

NOTE! General information about System Admin and Central Admin functions is available in the HuBERT Local Admin Functions (PDF: 477KB/16 pages) document.

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Sessions 10 and 12

At this time, on-line training modules will not be provided for Build Clinic Calendar, System Administration or Breastfeeding Activities.

Session 10: Build Clinic Calendar (BCC)
For agencies that have not used BCC before, the State Operations Unit is available to provide training via WebEx. Please contact your Program Consultant to assist with scheduling. General information for users familiar with BCC is available in the HuBERT Local Admin Functions (PDF: 477KB/16 pages) document.

Session 12: Breastfeeding Activities
The State is still assessing the functionality of the Breastfeeding Activities in HuBERT.

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