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HuBERT Training Modules

MN WIC Program

The HuBERT training modules are undergoing revisions to make them up-to-date as of Release 222. We will be taking this opportunity to do some re-structuring of the training modules, which will include condensing and re-organizing them to be stand-alone modules based on topic.

HuBERT Training Modules Checklist (Excel)
This checklist can be used to track which modules you have completed (revised January 2016).


Session 2: Participant Search


Session 3: Introduction to Participant Folder

Manage Notes

Manage Alerts

Session 4: Certification Guided Script (CGS) - Part 1

Income Assessment

Health Information


Session 5: Certification Guided Script (CGS) - Part 2

Food Package/Prescription

Session 6: Certification Guided Script (CGS) - Part 3

Mid-certification Assessments (MCAs)

Benefit Management

Session 8: Appointment Scheduling

Session 9: HuBERT Reports

Session 11: System Administration

At this time, on-line training modules will not be provided for Build Clinic Calendar (BCC) or Breastfeeding Activities.

For agencies that have not used BCC before, the State Operations Unit is available to provide training via WebEx. Please contact your Regional Consultant to assist with scheduling. General information for users familiar with BCC is available in the HuBERT Local Admin Functions (PDF) document.