HuBERT Training Modules

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HuBERT Training Modules

MN WIC Program

The HuBERT training modules are undergoing revisions to make them up-to-date as of Release 2.22. We will be taking this opportunity to do some re-structuring of the training modules, which will include condensing and re-organizing them to be stand-alone modules based on topic.

HuBERT Training Modules Checklist (Excel)
This checklist can be used to track which modules you have completed (revised 12/17).


Participant List


Initial Contacts for Meeting Processing Standards

Participant Folder


Manage Notes

Manage Alerts

Certification Guided Script (CGS) - Overview


Income Assessment

Health Information


Session 5: Certification Guided Script (CGS) - Part 2

Food Package/Prescription

Mid-certification Assessments (MCAs)

Benefit Management

Scan Documents

Session 8: Appointment Scheduling