Session 11 - System Administration

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Session 11: System Administration

HuBERT Training Modules

MN WIC Program

NOTE! General information about System Admin and Central Admin functions is available in the HuBERT Local Admin Functions (PDF) document.

Potential Duplicate Participants (PDF)

Addendum document from Release 2.19 that provides detailed instructions and information about the Potential Duplicate Participants functionality in HuBERT.


Module 1 (SWF: 73 slides/16 minutes)
Script 1 (PDF)

  • Definitions
  • Logging In
  • Organizations
  • Adding Referrals
  • Editing Referrals
  • Deleting Referrals
  • Inactivating Referrals

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Program Topics

Module 2 (SWF: 72 slides/16 minutes)
Script 2 (PDFs)

Program Topics Reference (PDF)

  • Logging In
  • Programs
  • Adding Programs
  • Editing Programs
  • Deleting Programs

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Maintain Medical Clinics and Providers

Module 3 (SWF: 83 slides/17 minutes)
Script 3 (PDF)

  • Logging In
  • Add Medical Clinics
  • Delete Medical Clinics
  • Edit Medical Clinics
  • Medical Providers
  • Required Fields?

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Local Use Questions

Posted 4/9/14 (Release 2.19)

Module (SWF)
Script (PDF)

  • Local Use Questions
  • Adding Questions
  • Adding Answers
  • Editing
  • Deleting

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