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Session 11: System Administration

MN WIC Program

Potential Duplicate Participants (PDF: 3MB/22 pages)

This is an addendum document from Release 2.19 that provides detailed instructions and information about the Potential Duplicate Participants functionality in HuBERT.

Module 1: Referrals/Organizations

Module 1 (SWF: 73 slides/16 minutes)
Module 1 Script (PDF: 51KB/7 pages)

Module 2: Program Topics

Module 2 (SWF: 72 slides/16 minutes)
Module 2 Script (PDF: 56KB/8 pages)

Module 3: Maintain Medical Clinics and Providers

Module 3 (SWF: 83 slides/17 minutes)
Module 3 Script (PDF: 74KB/8 pages)

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New Module: Local Use Questions

Posted 4/9/14 (Release 2.19)

Module (SWF: 92 slides/20 minutes)
Script (PDF: 130KB/8 pages)

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