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For Minnesota WIC Local Agency Staff Only

WIC START Terms and Conditions

WIC START Data Privacy Statement

These terms and conditions are an agreement between you and the State of Minnesota. Please read them. To be issued a User ID and Password for access to the WIC START application, you must accept these terms and conditions.

  • User ID and password will be issued to you and you only. You must not share your User ID and password. You are required to protect this information from disclosure. (For example, please do not tape your password to your computer.)
  • When you log into WIC START with your User ID and password, you will be able to view private WIC data. You have a responsibility to protect WIC data.
  • You agree to access only the WIC data needed to do your job. You may not release information to anyone, except as directed by a participant or guardian in a signed release or by a court order. Never release WIC data to law enforcement without a court order. Seek direction from your supervisor or agency attorney if you have questions. Immediately report any unauthorized use of data by others and all possible data leaks.
  • When you look at data on WIC START, the system keeps track of the pages you open. This tracking system can be used to study usage patterns and to investigate improper usage.

I agree to use WIC START under the guidance of my supervisor and seek advice regarding protection of WIC data when needed.

I have carefully read the above information, and I understand and agree to all of WIC START's terms and conditions.

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Please contact Sarah Mallberg at 651-201-4430 or if you have any difficulties submitting the WIC START Terms and Conditions & User ID and Password Request.