Civil Rights Training

Civil Rights Training

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MN WIC Program

Civil Rights Training for the Minnesota WIC Program is required on an annual basis. New staff should complete Civil Rights Training within 6 months of hire. Civil Rights training can be done in a number of ways, including the Power Point presentation on this web site or Civil Rights training sponsored by your local agency.

This Power Point presentation is designed to cover basic civil rights information and the application of the information. It is interactive and designed for use with groups. However, it can be used by individuals. It consists of:

  • A Power Point presentation which introduces key civil rights concepts and includes civil rights situations for problem solving and/or discussion;
  • A Word document giving guidance on the situations.

After training takes place, WIC staff should document his/her name and date of training using the documentation form available to download from the web. Alternatively, local agencies may user another local form which includes names and date of the training.

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