2010-2011 Revisions to MOM

MN WIC Operations Manual

January 2011 MOM Changes

Chapter 5 - Certification

Exhibit 5-T: Minnesota WIC Risk Criteria - HuBERT - Revised 01/11 (PDF: 130.29KB/24 pages)

Exhibit 5-V: Nutrition Risk and Priority Assignment Table - HuBERT - Revised 01/11 (PDF: 27.10KB/4 pages)

These exhibits have been revised to reflect changes in a number of risk criteria (RC): two new RCs (#304, History of Preeclampsia and #306, Pre-Diabetes); the elimination of RC #350, Pyloric Stenosis; and modifications to thirteen: anthropometric RC #101, 111, 131, 133, and 335, medical RC # 302, 303, 342, 343, and 345, and dietary RC # 411, 425, and 427. Additionally, with the implementation of the new information system, Exhibit 5-T designates for each RC, whether it is “HuBERT-Assigned”. NOTE: These changes are effective in the HuBERT application only. CHIP is unchanged.

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Chapter 7 - WIC Food Package

With the 2009 federal changes made to the WIC Food Package, all food package-related policies and exhibits have been revised.

small bullet  Section 7.1 Introduction (PDF: 14.83KB/1 page)

small bullet  Section 7.2: Allowed WIC Foods (PDF: 40.66KB/3 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.3: Food Package Assignment Overview (PDF: 34.25KB/3 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.4: Supporting Breastfeeding with the WIC Food Package (PDF: 76.46KB/8 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.5: WIC Formulas (PDF: 61.72KB/9 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.6: Medical Documentation (PDF: 41.37KB/5 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.7: Food Package 1 Infants 0-5 Months (PDF: 52.53KB/5 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.8: Food Package 2 Infants 6-11 Months (PDF: 51.11KB/6 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.9: Food Package for Infants, Women, and Children with Qualifying Medical Conditions (Food Package 3) (PDF: 65.12KB/8 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.10: Food Package for Children 1 through 4 Years Old (Food Package 4) (PDF: 47.28KB/5 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.11: Food Package for Pregnant Women and Mostly-Breastfeeding Women (Food Package 5) (PDF: 52.55KB/5 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.12: Food Package for Some-Breastfeeding and Non-Breastfeeding Postpartum Women (Food Package 6) (PDF: 59.92KB/5 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.13: Food Package for Fully Breastfeeding Women (Food Package 7) (PDF: 61.45KB/7 pages)

small bullet  Section 7.14: Homeless Food Package (PDF: 27.78KB/2 pages)


small bullet  Exhibit 7-A: Minimum Requirements for Supplemental Foods (PDF: 28.07KB/3 pages)

small bullet  Exhibit 7-B: WIC Formula Summary (PDF: 43.75KB/1 page)

small bullet  Exhibit 7-C: Assessment of Infant Formula Feeding (PDF: 26.11KB/1 page)

small bullet  Exhibit 7-D: Medical Formula Documentation (PDF: 107.62KB/2 pages)

small bullet  Exhibit 7-E: Authorization of Milk Substitute (PDF: 67.92KB/1 page)

small bullet  Exhibit 7-F: Sample Approval Letter (PDF: 18.03KB/1 page)

small bullet  Exhibit 7-G: Sample Denial Letter (PDF: 12.49KB/1 page)

small bullet  Exhibit 7-H: Sample Letter Denying PediaSure (PDF: 13.86KB/1 page)

small bullet  Exhibit 7-I: Tracking Log for Returned Formula (PDF:15.34KB/1 page)

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November 2010 MOM Changes

Chapter 9 - Information System Operations

All policies were revised to reflect changes due to the transfer of the HuBERT (SPIRIT) Information System.

small bullet  Section 9.1: Introduction (PDF: 13KB/1 page)

small bullet  Section 9.2: WIC Information System (IS) (PDF: 30KB/3 page2)

small bullet  Section 9.3: Security of WIC Information System (PDF: 37KB/4 pages)

small bullet  Section 9.4: Equipment Inventory (PDF: 31KB/2 pages)

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January 2010 MOM Changes

Chapter 1 - Administration

Section 1.9: Monitoring of Local Agencies (PDF: 20.31KB/1 page) - revised to describe local agency roles and responsibilities, rather than the State Agency role; added Financial Reviews to local agency monitoring responsibilities.

Section 1.10: Civil Rights (PDF: 27.53KB/4 pages) - revised to reflect requirement that civil rights training occur annually, and to note that training materials are available on our web site.

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Chapter 3 - Caseload Management

Section 3.2 Timeframe for Scheduling Certification Appointments (PDF: 227.74KB/2 pages) - revised to provide added detail about documenting when appointments are offered, to provide a basis for tracking processing times.

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Chapter 4 - Local Agency Staffing

Section 4.5 Staff Training (PDF: 25.13KB/3 pages)

small bullet  4.5.7 Staff Training - revised to reflect changes in Section 1.10 (PDF: 27.53KB/4 pages).

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Chapter 5 - Certifications

Section 5.2 Certification Procedures (PDF: 67.59KB/19 pages) - revised to include a description and appropriate use for "temporary eligibility".

small bullet  5.2.1 Category -revised to extend certification period for breastfeeding women to one year; clarifies that WIC - eligibility is contingent on an individual remaining income eligible.

small bullet  5.2.3 Identity - revised to require proof of identity for parent, foster, parent or guardian, if the applicant is an infant or child; and for transferring participants, another form of identification in addition to their WIC ID folder.

Section 5.4 Notification of Ineligibility (PDF: 23.66KB/2 pages) - revised to provide more detail about the procedures required when applicants/participants are determined to be ineligible at different times in the certification period and for different reasons.

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Chapter 6 - Nutrition Education

Section 6.3 Initial Education (PDF: 23.00KB/2 pages) - no change in policy, but revised wording in Guidance for describing the WIC Program to new participants to reflect philosophy behind Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA).

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Chapter 8 - Vouchers

Section 8.8 Voiding Vouchers (PDF: 22.65KB/2 pages) - revised to provide more detail about procedures required for voiding vouchers which are unusable for various reasons.

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