Exhibits 1C-1N (WIC MOM)

Exhibits 1C - 1N

MN WIC Operations Manual

MN WIC Program

Related Topics:
Chapter 1: Administration

Exhibit 1-C: Authorization to Release Information - Revised 3/17

Exhibit 1-D: Sample Warning Letter for Participant Abuse

Exhibit 1-E: Sample Notice of Suspension for Participant Abuse

Exhibit 1-H: Vendor Reauthorization Regions (PDF)

Exhibit 1-I: Store Incident Report (PDF)

Exhibit 1-J: WIC Customer Incident Report (PDF)

Exhibit 1-K: Rights and Responsibilities - Revised 6/17

Exhibit 1-K (Spanish): Rights and Responsibilities - Revised 6/17

Exhibit 1-L: Participant Abuse: State Agency Role (PDF)

Exhibit 1-M: Streamlined Certification Process for Emergency Situations (PDF)

Exhibit 1-N: Request for Fair Hearing - Revised 7/17

Exhibit 1-O: WIC Grant Application Process Overview (PDF)

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