Exhibits 2A-2I (WIC MOM)

Exhibits 2A-2I

MN WIC Operations Manual

WIC Program

Related Topics:
Chapter 2: Financial Management

Exhibit 2-A: WIC Program Claim for Reimbursement (PDF)

Exhibit 2-B: Request for Advance of Operating Funds (PDF)

Exhibit 2-C: Request for Increase of Administrative Funds

Exhibit 2-D: Program Costs (PDF)

Exhibit 2-E: WIC Program Capital Equipment Request Form

Exhibit 2-F: WIC Capital Equipment Inventory Log

Exhibit 2-H: Claim Form for Breastpump Purchase Reimbursements (PDF)

Exhibit 2-I: MN WIC Program Activities - LA Expense Form - New 10/2016

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