Reports & Data

MN WIC Information System (HuBERT) supports WIC services at the State and Local level. Pre-defined and ad-hoc reports are a component of the system. The Reports and Data section of this page provides additional summary level information.

Reports not included on this page can be found by accessing HuBERT. The Reference, Guidance and Template Documents section provides information about how to access and use the pre-defined and ad-hoc reports.

WIC Local Agencies can request data information or assistance with reports using the: Local Agency HuBERT - Change Request Form.


Birth Outcomes
Annual data about infants’ birth weight and race/ethnicity

Data about breastfeeding initiation by race/ethnicity and county

Minnesota Public Health Data Access
Interactive maps, charts, and queries with data on multiple health and environment topics

Participation & Demographics
Monthly participation counts; unduplicated participation counts by community health board, grantee, agency, age group and race/ethnicity; Minnesota WIC Facts (overview data about participation, breastfeeding initiation rates, and dollars spent in local grocery stores)

Weight Status
Fact sheets/information and maps on obesity and overweight status in MN WIC children aged 2-5 and women

WIC Data Summary Reports
MN County Health Tables (WIC data are found under the Morbidity section from 2011 on, and in the Demographics section in 2010 and earlier); Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PedNSS) reports; WIC Participant and Program Characteristics report

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Ad-Hoc Report Template Documents
Instructions for creating frequently requested ad-hoc reports using the HuBERT Report Generator in the Reports Environment

HuBERT "Pre-Defined" Report Guidance Documents
Guidance on how to read some of the more commonly used, and useful, HuBERT "on demand" system reports

Infoview is a more sophisticated ad-hoc tool currently being piloted by some Local Agencies. Statewide launch of Infoview is tentatively planned for April/May 2014

Reference Documents
Documents that provide both general information about using the HuBERT Reports Environment, the FileZilla FTP Secure site, and HuBERT reports; and also specific information about HuBERT data tables and fields

Report Basics WebEx Sessions
A tentative schedule and links to register for optional webinars that will provide a basic review of specific HuBERT reports

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