Reference Documents

Reference Documents

MN WIC Program

General guidance documents to assist Local Agency and State staff when working with reports.

WIC Local Agencies can request data information or assistance with reports using the: Local Agency HuBERT - Change Request Form

Accessing HuBERT Reports (PDF)
Guidance for accessing reports within the HuBERT Reports Environment and via the FileZilla/FTP site.

HuBERT Pre-Defined Reports Overview (PDF)
Revised 10/22/14 - Provides a general overview of reports that have been reviewed as accurate and appropriate to use including report name, description and where the report can be found.

HuBERT Reports Guidance Addendum (only) for State Staff (PDF)
Revised 7/30/14 - A table of reports (including description and where found) that are only available to State staff.

Data Dictionary (PDF)
Updated 4/15/14 - Common tables, fields, applicable values and allowed operators. This document is under revision. Tables that display with a white background have been updated; those that have a grey background have not.

Creating Labels (PDF)
Provides step-by-step instructions for using the Microsoft Word mail merge function to create labels.

How to Save a Report to Your Desktop (PDF)
Instructions for saving a report to your computer's desktop.