MN WIC Program

Access to and information about the Infoview reporting tool used by the State to create ad-hoc report templates for WIC local agencies and WIC program partners.

WIC Local Agencies can request reports or assistance with reports using the: Local Agency HuBERT - Change Request Form

Infoview Login
Link to login page.

Infoview Guidance Documents
A list of topics for the Infoview Guidance Documents, which provide detailed information about Infoview report templates including an overview, notes, print screens, prompts, criteria used, how sorted/grouped, and technical notes.

Infoview Report Templates - Reference (PDF)
A list of available Infoview report templates organized by topic. It provides a link to its guidance document, a brief description and some potential uses for the report. This is a working document that will be updated each time an Infoview report template is created or revised.

Quick Reference (PDF)
Simple tips for using Infoview.

Infoview Training Modules
On-line training modules required for MN WIC Infoview users.