New Staff Training

New Staff Training

MN WIC Program

A training and staff development program for local WIC agency staff is key to maintaining quality services. The following steps, in addition to on-the-job training, will assure new WIC staff will have the knowledge and skills to perform their role in the WIC clinic.

STEP 1: Staff Training Requirements

All new WIC staff must go through an initial training program. A new staff person must either complete all activities of the WIC Training Plan for New Employees (WORD ) or complete a similar training program provided by the local agency. Training provided by the local agency must cover all topics included in the state Training Plan. If you have questions about your local agency training, contact your State Consultant.


STEP 2: Training Plan for New Employees

Print the WIC Training Plan for New Employees (WORD) to use as a checklist with all new employees to assure core tasks and responsibilities are completed. The Training Plan for New Employees outlines WIC functions, required training activities and completion requirements.

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STEP 3: Training Modules on Certification Procedures

Complete the following training modules. The modules provide an overview of certification procedures.

All WIC Staff

Introduction to WIC (PDF)

Overview of Certification (PDF)

Civil Rights Training (Required annually for all WIC staff)

Breastfeeding Promotion Module (PDF)

All WIC CPA Staff

Anthropometric Manual (PDF) - required for all staff that do anthropometric measurements

Introduction to Hematological Assessment (PDF)

Introduction to Medical and Diet Assessment (PDF)

Introduction to Risk Code Assignment (PDF)

Complete the Risk Code Practice Workbook (PDF)

Nutrition Education Module (SWF: 58 slides/36 minutes)

Complete the Nutrition Education Module Discussion Guide (PDF)

Food Prescription Module (PDF)

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STEP 4: Training Modules on Counseling Skills

All WIC CPA Staff:

Midwest Participant-Centered Training Video. The DVD was sent to local agencies in early May 2013. View the DVD. Contact if you need another DVD. The preceptor should determine which activities to complete in the Midwest Participant-Centered Training Video Discussion Guide (PDF).

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STEP 5: Training in Nutrition

All WIC CPA Staff: The training preceptor should evaluate the nutrition knowledge/skills of each new CPA staff member and provide training and resources based on the needs of the individual. Your nutrition consultant can assist you with this process if needed. The Minnesota WIC Nutrition Modules may be used as an adjunct to your local agency's nutrition training. See below.

Nutrition Modules Preceptors: Review the objectives of the modules with the new CPA to identify areas or modules for training. The objectives are found on this webpage. Each module includes an on-line post-test that may be reviewed with the preceptor as needed. CPA staff members that do not have a nutrition degree should complete all of these modules.

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STEP 6: Training Modules for High-Risk Care

CPA staff that will be providing High-Risk care and follow-up (Individual Nutrition Care Plans) must review the following:

Staff should become familiar with the assessment and counseling recommendations for each high-risk condition. The Minnesota WIC Program, High Risk Counseling Guide includes assessment and counseling recommendations – Contact for the guide.

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STEP 7: Training Modules for HuBERT

Complete Security Training Module and Review Questions & Answers (Required annually for all WIC staff)

Complete HuBERT Training Modules

Complete HuBERT Structured Exercises for Hands-On Practice

Local agencies are able to request a HuBERT training computer as needed via the Request for Equipment Form

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