Participant Centered Services (PCS) Initiative

MN WIC Program

Welcome to a NEW approach for providing WIC services. Take a look at what's up with the Minnesota Participant Centered Services Initiative!

MN WIC PCS Vision Statement

MN WIC PCS* places the participant at the center of every WIC interaction. This means MN WIC PCS focuses on people’s capacities, strengths and developmental needs – not solely their problems, risks, or negative behaviors. In that spirit, we strive to provide WIC services in a genuinely respectful, accepting and understanding way. Participant centered services emphasize collaboration with the participant, giving them the freedom to choose options that work for them. MN WIC PCS is a more comprehensive approach to supporting healthy lifestyle and eating behaviors.

*"MN WIC PCS" is a place-holder until we identify our own unique brand (like "Oregon WIC Listens").

PCS Resources

  • PCS

Diet Assessment for PCS

Training Tools for PCS Diet Assessment

  • WIC Connects (scroll down to the Participant Centered Education section)

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Resources for Mentors

Mentoring: Description of Roles, Duties and Characteristics of Mentors (PDF: 194KB/2 pages)