June 2017 WIC Wednesday Updates

June 2017

Wednesday Updates

MN WIC Program

June 07, 2017

Medical Formulas Available (PDF)

Medical Formula Shipping - State Agency to Pay

NWA Monday Morning Report for June 5, 2017 (PDF)

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June 14, 2014

Iron Deficiency Anemia. What is WIC’s Role? (PDF)

CLIA Certificate Requirements (PDF)

Social Media Survey (PDF)

June 2017 HuBERT Hints #1 (PDF)

Breastfeeding Coordinators: Calls, Meetings & Trainings (PDF)

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June 21, 2017

State Staff Updates – New WIC Director & New Fiscal Analyst (PDF)

Implicit Bias - Conference Follow Up (PDF)

2017 WBW Materials and Pending News Release Template (PDF)

Outpatient Breastfeeding Champion Training – Registration Open (PDF)

Breastfeeding Champion Training for Outpatient Breastfeeding Supporters (PDF)

Nutrition Education Plan Coming Soon (PDF)

Job Opening – Stearns County WIC Supervisor(PDF)

NWA Monday Morning Report for June 19, 2017 (PDF)

Medical Formulas Available (PDF)

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June 28, 2017

Income Guidelines – CHANGE Effective July 1, 2017 (PDF)

Exhibit 5A - Minnesota WIC Eligibility Guidelines - Revised (PDF)

Farmers’ Market Sites for 2017 (PDF)

Using Your WIC 2016 Fruit and Vegetable Voucher at Authorized Farmers’ Markets (English Handout) (PDF) - 6/8/16 (PDF)

Lead in Infant Foods (PDF)

June 2017 HuBERT Hints #2 (PDF)

Summer Meals for Kids – There’s an App for that! (PDF)

Building Bridges for Breastfeeding Duration - September 2017 WIC (PDF)

Job Opening in Washington Co. WIC (PDF)

Participation: Cumulative Monthly through March, 2017 by Grantee (PDF)

Participation: May 2017 Initial by Grantee (PDF)

NWA Monday Morning Report for June 26, 2017 (PDF)

Medical Formulas Available (PDF)

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