WIC Reimagined - Conference

WIC Reimagined - Conference

WIC Wednesday Updates

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2017 MN WIC Conference on May 3-5, 2017

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2017 Minnesota WIC Training Conference - WIC Reimagined - Agenda (PDF)


Session Descriptions

WIC Reimagined - 2017 MN WIC Training Conference May 3-5 Session Descriptions (PDF)

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WIC Conference – Updates & Reminders!
(PDF) - 4/19/17

WIC Conference Update
(PDF) - 3/22/17

Service Awards for WIC & CSFP – Deadline to Submit March 17th
(PDF) - 3/8/17

WIC Conference Updates
(PDF) - 3/1/17

WIC Conference Registration Is Now Open!
(PDF) - 2/1/17

MN WIC Training Conference May 3-5
(PDF) - 1/25/17

Invitation to Exhibit at the WIC Conference
(PDF) - 1/25/17

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Presentation Handouts

Aunt Cathy's Guide to Nutrition: My Current Top Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Family's Nutrition (Word)

Breastfeeding Matters: Helping Moms Get a Great Start (Word)

Bounce Back Promoting Health through Happiness (PowerPoint)

Common Ethical Dilemmas in Maternal and Children Nutrition (PDF)

Dakota County Quality Improvement Projects - Alerts and Health Care Referrals (PowerPoint)

Feed the Baby: What Formula Feeding and Supplementing Mothers Aren't Hearing (PowerPoint)

Growing in Gratitude: Moving from Surviving to Thriving (PowerPoint)

Peer Chart Audits and High Risk Note Format (PowerPoint)

If You're too Busy to Laugh, You're too Busy! (PowerPoint)

Iron Deficiency (Anemia) and the Effect on Brain Development (PowerPoint)

Making Stress Work for You (PowerPoint)

Preterm Infants Growth and Neurodevelopment: It's not all about Weight Gain! (PowerPoint)

Social Media at MDH (PowerPoint)

Staffing and Supervision 21: Career Ladder Roles in WIC (PDF)

Staffing and Supervision 20: Peer Counselor Intake Log (PDF)

The Effect of parent Feeding practices, parenting style, and parent weight conversations on preschool aged children’s Health and well-being (PowerPoint)

The First 1000 Days and the Impact on Lifetime Health (PowerPoint)

Working Effectively with Spoken Language Interpreters (PowerPoint)

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