Participant Centered Services

Wednesday Updates

MN WIC Program

General Memos

PCS Web-Page UPDATED on MN WIC Program Website
(PDF: 68KB/1 page) - 10/22/14

WIC Graphic – Now Available for You to Use
(PDF: 45KB/2 pages) - 4/23/14

Calling All WIC Success Stories
(PDF: 37/1 page) - 4/9/14

Nutrition Assessment Prior to PCS Implementation
(PDF: 39KB/1 page) - 11/6/13

Participant Centered Services Pilot Projects
(PDF: 50KB/1 page) - 3/13/13

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PCS - Choosing PCS Mentors for Your Agency
(PDF: 36KB/1 page) - 6/11/14

Mentoring Q & A
(PDF: 147KB/3 page2) - 6/11/14

PCS Mentor Description
(PDF: 515KB/2 pages) - 5/21/14

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PCS PieCeS #6: Managing Time in WIC Appointments
(PDF: 42KB/1 page) - 4/16/14

PCS PieCeS #5: The Role of Clerks in PCS
(PDF: 42KB/1 page) - 3/12/14

PCS PieCeS #4: The Power of Influence
(PDF: 35KB/1 page) - 2/19/14

PCS PieCeS #3: Impact of PCS on Clinic Appointment Times
(PDF: 52KB/1 page) - 1/29/14

PCS PieCeS #2 - Welcoming Participants
(PDF: 79KB/1 page)
- 1/13/14

PCS PieCeS #1: Risk Code Review Activities
(PDF: 37KB/1 page) - 12/11/13

Participant Centered Services: Coming Soon "PCS PieCeS"
(PDF: 43KB/1 page) - 12/2/13

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Training Follow-up

PCS Training Follow-up: Twentieth in a Series
(PDF: 52KB/1 page) - 4/22/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Nineteenth in a Series
(PDF: 43KB/1 page) - 4/15/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Eighteenth in a Series
(PDF:47KB/1 page) - 4/8/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Seventeenth in a Series
(PDF: 55KB/1 page) - 3/18/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Sixteenth in a Series
(PDF: 55KB/2 pages) - 3/11/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Fifteenth in a Series
(PDF: 58KB/1 page) - 3/4/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Fourteenth in a Series
(PDF: 52KB/1 page) - 2/18/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Thirteenth in a Series
(PDF: 58KB/1 page) - 2/4/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Twelfth in a Series
(PDF: 50KB/1 page) - 1/28/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Eleventh in a Series
(PDF: 51KB/1 page) - 1/21/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Tenth in a Series
(PDF: 46KB/1 page) - 1/14/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Ninth in a Series
(PDF: 51KB/1 page) - 1/7/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Eighth in a Series
(PDF: 56KB/1 page) - 12/31/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Seventh in a Series
(PDF: 114KB/2 pages) - 12/17/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Sixth in a Series
(PDF: 48KB/1 page) - 12/10/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Fifth in a Series
(PDF: 53KB/1 page) - 12/3/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Fourth in a Series
(PDF: 47KB/1 page) - 11/26/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Third in a Series
(PDF: 57KB/1 page) - 11/19/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Second in a Series
(PDF: 60KB/1 page) - 11/12/14

PCS Training Follow-up: First in a Series
(PDF: 65KB/1 page) - 11/5/14

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PCS Training Expenses Claim Form (Instructions)
(PDF: 38KB/1 page) - 8/20/14

PCS Training Expenses – Q & A
(PDF: 41KB/1 page) - 8/20/14

PCS Training Expenses – Increase in Costs Covered
(PDF: 42KB/1 page) - 8/6/14

Reminders: August PCS Training Activities
(PDF: 39KB/1 page) - 8/6/14

PCS Trainings – Remember to Register
(PDF: 39KB/1 page) - 7/23/14

PCS Training Registration Now Open
(PDF: 42KB/1 page) - 6/25/14

Participant Centered Services Training – Save the Date
(PDF: 73KB/2 pages) - 5/21/14

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