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General Memos
Training Follow-up

General Memos

Ideas for keeping PCS growing in your local agency
(PDF) - 6/1/16

PCS Resource Now Available: Step by Step Program from Molly Kellogg (PDF) - 12/2/15

PCS Web-Page UPDATED on MN WIC Program Website
(PDF) - 10/22/14

WIC Graphic – Now Available for You to Use
(PDF) - 4/23/14

Nutrition Assessment Prior to PCS Implementation
(PDF) - 11/6/13

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Training Package for New WIC Mentors - Participant Centered Services (PCS) Resources (PDF) - 10/5/16

New PCS Mentor Training Package
(PDF) - 4/20/16

PCS - Choosing PCS Mentors for Your Agency
(PDF) - 6/11/14

Mentoring Q & A
(PDF) - 6/11/14

PCS Mentor Description
(PDF) - 5/21/14

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PCS PieCeS #6: Managing Time in WIC Appointments
(PDF) - 4/16/14

PCS PieCeS #5: The Role of Clerks in PCS
(PDF) - 3/12/14

PCS PieCeS #4: The Power of Influence
(PDF) - 2/19/14

PCS PieCeS #3: Impact of PCS on Clinic Appointment Times
(PDF) - 1/29/14

PCS PieCeS #2 - Welcoming Participants
- 1/13/14

PCS PieCeS #1: Risk Code Review Activities
(PDF) - 12/11/13

Participant Centered Services: Coming Soon "PCS PieCeS"
(PDF) - 12/2/13

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Molly Kellogg Program – Step-by-Step Client Centered Skills for WIC Counselors (PDF) - 10/5/16

PCS Training Opportunities – Still time to register for PCS In-person trainings! (PDF) - 8/31/16

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Training Follow-up

PCS Training Follow-up: 30th in a Series (Engaging the Client)
(PDF) - 12/16/15

PCS Training Follow-up: 29th in a Series (Explore/Offer/Explore Sandwich Technique) (PDF) - 10/28/15

PCS Training Follow-up: 28th in a Series (PCS Mentor Webinars available to review) (PDF) - 10/7/15

PCS Training Follow-up: 27th in a Series (Tool for Nutrition Assessment) (PDF) - 9/16/15

PCS Training Follow-up: 26th in a Series (Setting the Stage)
(PDF) - 8/19/15

PCS Training Follow-up: 25th in a Series (Maintaining PCS Momentum) (PDF) - 7/15/15

PCS Training Follow-up: 24th in a Series (Roll with Resistance)
(PDF) - 7/8/15

PCS Training Follow-up: 23rd in a Series (Working with Participants who are Resistant) (PDF) - 7/1/15

PCS Training Follow-up: 22nd in a Series (PCS on a Continuum)
(PDF) - 6/10/15

PCS Training Follow-up: 21st in a Series (Affirmations)
(PDF) - 5/13/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Twentieth in a Series (Change Talk, part 2)
(PDF) - 4/22/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Nineteenth in a Series (Change Talk, part 1)
(PDF) - 4/15/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Eighteenth in a Series (Empathy)
(PDF) - 4/8/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Seventeenth in a Series ("Everything is fine, no concerns") (PDF) - 3/18/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Sixteenth in a Series (ABCDE Nutrition Assessment) (PDF) - 3/11/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Fifteenth in a Series (Participant Centered Services, rather than Participant Driven Services)
(PDF) - 3/4/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Fourteenth in a Series (Goal Setting)
(PDF) - 2/18/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Thirteenth in a Series (Reflective Listening)
(PDF) - 2/4/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Twelfth in a Series (Clinic Flow)
(PDF) - 1/28/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Eleventh in a Series (Local Agency PCS Implementation Plan) (PDF) - 1/21/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Tenth in a Series (Asking Permission)
(PDF) - 1/14/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Ninth in a Series (Integrating PCS into appointments with non-English speaking participants)
(PDF) - 1/7/15

PCS Training Follow-up: Eighth in a Series (Summarizing, Pulling it all Together) (PDF) - 12/31/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Seventh in a Series (Spotlight on Olmsted County WIC, Hopes and Dreams) (PDF) - 12/17/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Sixth in a Series (Ideas for Effectively Using Projective Tools) (PDF) - 12/10/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Fifth in a Series (Card Sort, Projective Tool)
(PDF) - 12/3/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Fourth in a Series (Mastering Brief Motivational Interviewing Sessions) (PDF) - 11/26/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Third in a Series (PCS Training Opportunities for New Employees) (PDF) - 11/19/14

PCS Training Follow-up: Second in a Series (FAQs from PCS Mentor Training) (PDF) - 11/12/14

PCS Training Follow-up: First in a Series (FAQs from PCS Skills Training) (PDF) - 11/5/14

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December PCS Webinar - Registration Now Open
(PDF) - 10/12/16

Recorded Webinars - Participant Centered Services (PCS) Resources
(PDF) - 10/5/16

November PCS Webinar - Registration Now Open
(PDF) - 9/21/16

September/October PCS Training Opportunities
(PDF) - 8/10/16

September 2016 PCS Training Opportunities: Webinar and In-Person Trainings (PDF) - 7/13/16

August 2016 PCS Webinar - Registration Now Available
(PDF) - 6/8/16

July 2016 PCS Webinars - Registration Now Available
(PDF) - 5/11/16

Minnesota WIC PCS Webinar Series - Schedule for 2016
(PDF) - 3/16/16

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