Wednesday Updates

MN WIC Program

Federal ME of MN WIC Vendor Management
(PDF: 42KB/1 page) - 8/6/14

Rainbow Food Store Changes
(PDF: 34KB/1 page)
- 7/16/14

Rainbow Store Changes
(PDF: 176KB/1 page)
- 7/16/14

Vendor Compliance Activities – Update
(PDF: 47KB/2 pages) - 4/30/14

Store Communication Notice
(PDF: 30KB/1 page)
- 10/16/13

Vendor Notification Plans in the Event WIC Program Must Cease Operations Due to the Federal Government Shutdown
(PDF: 38KB/1 page) - 10/16/13

Opportunity to Perform Educational Buys
(PDF: 34KB/1 page) - 1/16/13

Abbott Formula Changes

Communication with Vendors About Abbott Changes
(PDF: 35KB/1 page) - 2/26/14

Vendor Notice: Similac Formula Container Size Changes
(PDF:396KB/1 page) - 2/26/14

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WIC Matters - Vendor Newsletter

September 2014 WIC Matters Newsletter - Memo
(PDF: 41KB/1 page) - 9/24/14

July Edition of the WIC Matters Newsletter - Update
(PDF: 39KB/1 pages)
- 7/16/14

March Edition of the WIC Matters Newsletter Now Available
(PDF: 41KB/1 pages)- 3/26/14

Vendor Newsletter – September 2013
(PDF: 30KB/1 page) - 9/25/13

WIC Matters March 2013 Newsletter Memo: New "WIC Matters" Newsletter for Vendors (PDF: 30KB/1 page) - 3/27/13

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