Breastfeeding Resources to Support your Practice

Resources & References for Health Care Providers

MN WIC Program

Hospital/Clinic Practice and Protocols

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine: Membership info, protocols, news releases & more.

CDC Guide to Breastfeeding Interventions (PDF): Evidence-based interventions, including maternity care practices, support for breastfeeding in the workplace, and others.

A Breastfeeding-Friendly Approach Depression in New Mothers: Curriculum by New Hampshire BF Task Force. 2007.

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Medications and Potential Contraindications to Breastfeeding

Lactation Study Center: computerized database, with free information for professionals; 585-275-0088.

Medications and Mothers Milk, Hale. 13th Ed, 2008. Online version also available. Clinical Therapy in Breastfeeding Patients. Hale and Berens. 2nd Ed, 2002. Pharmasoft Medical Publishing, Amarillo, Texas 79124.

Lawrence, RA. A Review of the Medical Benefits and Contraindications to Breastfeeding in the United States. (Nutrition and Breastfeeding category). Maternal and Child Health Technical Information Bulletin; Maternal and Child Health Bureau. October 1997.

Nebraska Teratology Information Service: Hotline resource for health care providers at 402-559-5071.

Organization of Teratology Information Specialists

NIH Toxnet / Lactmed

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Patient Education and Referral Resources

Initiating the Discussion of Breastfeeding. Rather than asking about feeding plans, use an open question, such as "What have you heard about breastfeeding?"

Translated Breastfeeding Information

Breastfeeding Information on the Internet

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Professional Resources

LACTNET, for health professionals only. Subscribe or search archives by topic.

Summary of Breastfeeding and Maternal and Term-infant Health Outcomes in Developed Countries

Interventions in Primary Care to Promote Breastfeeding

The Breastfeeding Answer Book, 3rd Ed. Nancy Mohrbacher & Julie Stock. 2002. La Leche League International.

Breastfeeding and Human Lactation 3rd Ed, 2005. Riordan, Jan and Kathleen Auerbach, Jones and Bartlett.

Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession, 6th edition 2005. Ruth Lawrence, Mosby.

Textbook of Human Lactation. Hale and Hartman. 2007

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Becoming a Lactation Consultant: IBLCE web site

Minnesota Law:

NOTE: Many other resources are available. This is not a complete list of available resources, and is not meant as an endorsement. You are welcome to copy this list. Information Subject to Change. Please contact MN WIC Program Breastfeeding Coordinator at 651-201-4406 or to update information on this list.

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