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Milk Substitutes: Milk

Information for Health Care Providers

MN WIC Program


The WIC Food Package offers the following dairy options:

  • Milk

  • Whole milk for children from 12 - 23 months
  • Nonfat or lowfat (1%) milk for children 2 years and older and to women

For amounts provided, see Standard Food Packages at a Glance - Children and Women (PDF: 22KB/1 page)

  • Cheese (if requested by participant)

  • 1 lb. cheese for children and pregnant, partially breastfeeding or non-breastfeeding women
  • 2 lbs. cheese for fully breastfeeding women

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Participants receiving medical formula for a qualifying medical condition are eligible to receive whole or 2% milk if determined appropriate by the Health Care Provider. Medical Documentation is required.

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Authorization of Milk Substitutes form

Federal WIC Regulations require medical authorization from a Health Care Provider in order to provide certain milk substitutes.

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