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Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC): When I am 12-17 Months Old

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I should go to my healthcare provider for a Child and Teen Checkup when I am 12 months old and 15 months old to see if I am growing and healthy. Make sure to ask about a blood lead test when I am 12 months old if I did not have one at my 9 months checkup.

Talk to my health care provider if you think I am learning things too slowly or of I have ANY loss of ANY language or social skills. Tell them if I am not doing these things:

  • Babbling, point or using other gestures by 12 months
  • Using single words by 16 months

  • I CAN...
  • Hold a cup and use a spoon
  • Say more words such as names, "bye-bye" and "no-no"
  • Chew and swallow soft, mashed and chopped foods
  • Walk with one hand held and wave good-bye
  • Show many emotions such as happiness, sadness, discomfort and anger

  • YOU CAN...
  • Keep breastfeeding, but introduce more foods
  • Give me cow's milk, a little at a time at first
  • Let me sit at the table with the family (buckle me into a booster seat or pull my high chair up to the table)
  • Offer me 3 small meals a day plus healthy snacks; offer foods from all the food groups
  • Give me small pieces of soft foods my family eats such as cereals, bread, cooked vegetables, soft fruit, cooked soft meat, beans, eggs and casseroles
  • If I am bottlefed, wean me off the bottle around 12 months and let me drink from a cup all the time - avoid sipper cups with lids
  • Do not give me things I can choke on like grapes, hot dogs, nuts, popcorn, candy or hard fruits and vegetables
  • Wipe my gums and teeth with a small, soft toothbrush twice a day

  • Make sure I have seen the dentist by the time I am 1 year old
  • Continue breastfeeding
  • Continue to do things on the previous pages, such as child-proof my home and keep my shots up-to-date
  • Help me learn words; I will imitate you
  • Let me turn the pages of a book we are reading
  • Give me safe toys like books, dolls, cars, building blocks or puzzles - nothing with small parts
  • Talk to me, read to me, and play with me
  • Help me learn what I should not do by saying "no" in a firm, quiet voice
  • Keep me away from the TV and computer. Watching the screen isn't good for my growing brain

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