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Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC): When I am 9-11 Months Old

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I should go to my healthcare provider for a Child and Teen Checkup when I am 9 months old to see if I am growing and healthy.

Talk to my health care provider if you think I am learning things too slowly.

  • I CAN...
  • Sit alone easily, stand holding onto a support
  • Creep or crawl
  • Respond to my name, imitate sounds, say "mama" or "dada"
  • Bite off food
  • Move foods from side to side in my mouth
  • Curve my lips around a cup
  • Start picking up foods with my fingers (pincher grasp)
  • Try to feed myself, and even start to use a spoon

  • YOU CAN...

  • Keep breastfeeding, but introduce more foods
  • Feed me mixed-grain baby cereal with iron
  • Let me feed myself with my hands or a spoon, but watch me closely
  • Give me small pieces of soft cooked vegetables and peeled, soft fruit
  • Give me mahsed or chopped cooked noodles and plain rice
  • Give me toasted bread squares, toasted "O" cereal, unsalted crackers or small pieces of soft tortillas
  • Add small pieces of cooked ground meat, chicken or fish - make sure you take out all of the bones and tough parts
  • Let me drink from a cup more; avoid sipper cups with lids
  • Wipe my gums and teeth with a clean wet cloth daily

  • Use an approved car seat in the back seat
  • Take me to my checkup on schedule
  • Vacuum or sweep floors ; pick up coins and paper clips
  • Keep my shots up-to-date
  • Keep me far away from cigarette smoke, hot liquids and the hot stove
  • Keep a hand on me in the bath; never leave me alone near water, in a car or on a bed, couch, table or chair
  • Talk to me, read to me, and play with me; teach me new words by pointing to objects
  • Put me to sleep on my back in a safe sleeping area
  • Give me safe baby toys, nothing with small parts
  • Keep medicines, cleaning products, alcohol, guns, matches and knives out of my reach or locked up
  • Cover unused electrical outlets; keep electrical cords and cords from blinds or drapes out of my reach
  • Put safety gates across the top and bottom of stairs; put baby locks on cabinets

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