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Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC): When I am a Newborn

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My healthcare provider will check me at the hospital after I am born. I should go again for a Child and Teen Checkup whan I am 1-2 weeks and 2 months old to see if I am growing and healthy.

Remember, every baby is different. Your baby may develop at a rate different than indicated below.

  • I CAN...
  • Suck and swallow liquids - babies were born to breastfeed - breastmilk is best for me
  • Push my tongue out
  • Cuddle
  • Move my head looking for the nipple (called "rooting")
  • See shadows, black, white and some color

  • YOU CAN...
  • Take time to eat nutritious foods, drink water during the day, rest and relax
  • Cuddle while you feed me
  • Always support my head
  • Hold my head higher than my body when feeding
  • Always hold me if you bottle feed; never prop the bottle or put me to bed with a bottle
  • If breastfed: Know that I am getting enough to eat if I have 6 or more wet diapers a day and 2-5 bowel movements a day
  • Supply breastmilk for me even if you go to work
  • If you will be away from me, learn how to pump your milk and store it in a bottle or milk storage bag in the refrigerator (3 days) or freezer (6 months)

  • Breastfeed me
  • Use an approved car seat in the back seat
  • Start to baby proof my home: use outlet covers, stair guards, cupboard locks. Try crawling around as if you were a baby - remove small, sharp objects to prevent choking
  • Rock me gently, put me down or ask for help when I keep crying or fussing and you need a break
  • Keep my shots up-to-date
  • Take me to the doctor on schedule
  • Keep a hand on me at all times when I am in water
  • Protect the soft spot on the top of my head
  • Talk to me, read to me, and play with me
  • Put me to sleep on my back in a safe sleeping area

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