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Healthy Gifts to Last a Lifetime

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Not all gifts come wrapped in paper and tied with a bow. In fact, the gifts that usually last the longest are the ones that can't be put in a box. Gifts like feeling cared for and knowing that you're loved and special.

Be a role model and show your child how to eat healthy foods and be active. It is a gift that he'll use the rest of his life.

Healthy Eating

  • Vary Your Vegetables
  • Vegetables are "super foods" that help prevent disease.
  • They should be a part of almost every meal.
  • Choose a rainbow of colors to get all the benefits.
  • Make 1/2 Your Grains Whole Grains
  • Whole grains have important nutrients that are lost when grains are processed.
  • Look for "whole" before the grain name in the food package ingredient list.
  • Focus on Fruits
  • Satisy a sweet tooth with these nutrition packed gems.
  • Just like vegetables, variety is best.
  • Go easy on juice. Whole fruit is a better choice.
  • Know Your Fats
  • Make the most of your fats from fish, nuts and vegetable oils.
  • Limit solid fats like butter, stick margarine and shortening.
  • Choose lean meats and eat more beans, chicken or fish.
  • Serve fat free skim or 1% milk to family members over 2 years of age.

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Being Active

  • Do Activities that make your heat beat harder for 30 minutes most days of the week.
  • Children and teenagers need to be active at least 60 minutes each day.
  • Make being active with your child a part of your regular family routine.
  • Children love the time you spend playing with them.
  • Family exercise builds strong bodies and strong families.
  • It also uses up kid energy so they'll sleep better.

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