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Breastfeeding and the New Food Package

Fresh Choices!

What? The WIC food package is changing!

Why? The supplemental WIC foods haven't changed in 37 years. When WIC first began, the nutritional issues facing many Americans were different from what they are today. Today, we need less fat and more fiber, less refined grains and more whole grains, more fruits and vegetables and more variety in what we eat. The changes to the WIC food package recognize these needs and also provide more choices to help meet the culturally diverse preferences of many of our WIC participants.

How? The new WIC food package has been changed to provide:

  • Fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen and canned)
  • Whole grain cereal, bread and other products (including brown rice, oatmeal, and soft corn or whole wheat tortillas)
  • Baby food (fruits and vegetables for all infants and baby food meat for fully breastfed infants)
  • Canned beans
  • Soy foods (including soy beverages and tofu)

The quantities of milk, eggs, juice and cheese in the new WIC food package will be slightly reduced for women and children so that WIC can provide these additional foods. Quantities of infant formula will be modified based on an infant's age and allows the WIC program to provide baby foods.

When? Beginning in August 2009, some participants will start to receive the new WIC food package; all MN WIC participants will receive the new food package by October 2009.