FAQs about Shopping with WIC Vouchers

MN WIC Program

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Why can't you purchase any brand of food with your WIC vouchers?

Not all brands have the same nutritional value. WIC is a nutrition program that provides foods with specific nutrients like fiber, protein, calcium and iron. The WIC-allowed foods have a lot of these particular nutrients and are "healthier" choices.

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What if the store doesn't have the brands you want?

Stores are required to carry a certain number of different brands of foods based on their size, but they are not required to carry all of the brands allowed by WIC. If they do not have the brand you want, you may need to go to another store. You can also check with a store manager to see if the store could order the food item.

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What if the store does not have all the foods listed on your WIC voucher?

You can go to another WIC authorized store to use your voucher(s) or you can keep your voucher(s) and go back to the store on another day. If you choose to go back to the store, be sure to find out from the store manager how soon the food items will be there.

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Can a store give you a "rain check" if it is out of a WIC food item?

No, a store is not allowed to give out any "rain checks" for any WIC food items. If a store is often out of the foods listed on your voucher, please let your local WIC agency know or call the State WIC office at 1-800-657-3942.

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What if you don't want all of the foods on the voucher?

You do not need to purchase everything on your voucher if you don't want it or can't use it. However, you must purchase everything you want on the voucher at one time.

Talk with your WIC staff if you would like to make changes to the foods on your vouchers.

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What if the amount of fruit or vegetables you want to buy costs more than the amount on the voucher?

If the cost of the fruit/vegetables is more than the amount listed on the Fruit & Vegetables, voucher, you can pay the difference with cash, credit card or EBT.

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Can you use coupons with your WIC vouchers?

Yes. In fact, using coupons helps cut food costs allowing the WIC program to serve more people.

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Can you buy any kind of infant formula with your WIC vouchers?

No. Unlike other foods listed on your vouchers, you can only purchase the exact type of formula that is printed on your voucher.

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What if you need to exchange formula bought with your WIC vouchers?

Call your WIC clinic. Your WIC clinic will be able to exchange your unused formula for a different voucher.

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What stores are WIC-approved?

You can search for WIC-approved grocery stores by city, county or zip code on this website. Go to: WIC Grocery Store Search?.

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