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How to Shop with WIC Vouchers

MN WIC Program

Printable Version: Shopping with WIC Vouchers - from the Welcome to WIC handbook (PDF: 224KB/1 page)

Before You Shop

  • Identify the vouchers by date that you must use first and keep your other vouchers in a safe place.
  • Do not sign any of the WIC vouchers before using them at the store. Sign each voucher only after the cashier has written the price of the WIC foods on it.
  • Check the dates of the vouchers you want to use.

NOTE: Make sure the date you use a voucher is on or between the "First Day to Use" and the "Last Day to Use" date listed on the voucher.

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Bring with You to the Store

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While You Shop

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At the Cash Register

  • Separate your WIC foods from any other grocery items you may be purchasing at the same time.
  • If you are using more than one voucher, separate your WIC foods by voucher.
  • If using your Fruit & Vegetable voucher, group your fruits and vegetables together and use this voucher LAST.
  • Tell the cashier you will be using WIC vouchers.
  • Show the cashier your WIC ID folder.
  • Make sure the cashier fills in the correct price on each voucher.
  • Sign each voucher in front of the cashier.
  • Be sure to obtain a receipt from the cashier.


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