Feeding Your 1 ½-Year Old -

Feeding Your 1 ½-Year Old

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  7. How Do I Get My Child to Eat?
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Is your "good eater" turning into a "fussy eater"? Your child is not growing as fast as last year, so he may not eat as much as before. The foods he likes one day may be pushed away the next. He will eat very little at some meals. Don’t worry too much; this stage will pass!

What can you do?

  • Offer a variety of healthy foods from all of the food groups.
  • Foods like chips, cake, cookies, candy, pop and Kool-Aid are not the right kinds of foods for your toddler daily.
  • Have 3 meals and 2-3 planned snacks every day. Toddlers have small stomachs. They need to eat every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Make mealtime pleasant. Turn off the TV.
  • Eat with your child. Model good eating habits. Your child learns by watching you.
  • Get your child off the bottle if he’s still drinking from one. This can really help your child eat better. Use a cup without a lid.
  • Too much milk and juice can cause your child to fill up and not eat enough solid foods. Children at this age only need 2 cups of milk a day. Limit juice to no more than 4 ounces daily.

Your child’s job is to decide what and how much to eat. Let your child eat as much or as little as he wants.

Your child likes to feed himself!

  • He will like to eat with his hands.
  • Use forks and spoons that are small and easy to use.
  • Use bowls with sides instead of plates. He can use the side of the bowl to push food onto the spoon.
  • Expect a mess. Remember: Practice makes perfect.

Prevent choking

  • Make your child sit down to eat.
  • Don’t give hard, round foods like hard candy,popcorn or grapes.
  • Cut round foods into small pieces. Cut hot dogs in • quarters lengthwise and then into small pieces. Cut whole grapes in half lengthwise. Chop nuts finely. Chop raw carrots finely or into thin strips.
  • Spread peanut butter thinly on crackers or toast.

If your child refuses to drink milk, keep trying!

  • This is common. Try not to get too worried. Your child will probably go back to drinking milk soon.
  • Give your child other milk group foods like yogurt and cheese.
  • Do not give juice or other beverages in place of milk.

Get in the healthy teeth habit.

Clean your child’s teeth twice a day using a small, soft toothbrush and water. Children should have their first dental visit at one year of age. Ask your dentist when your child should have his first dental checkup.