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Pregnant Women
New Mothers
Breastfeeding Women
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Benefits of Breastfeeding
PDF: 74KB/2 pages

Eating Right! Feeling Good!
PDF: 349KB/2 pages - revised 10/12

Gaining the Right Amount of Weight
PDF: 50KB/2 pages

Heartburn and Constipation
PDF: 87KB/2 pages

Nausea and Vomiting
PDF: 242KB/2 pages

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New Mothers

Be a Healthy Mom
PDF: 260KB/2 pages

Stay Healthy
PDF: 71KB/2 pages

Are You at a Healthy Weight?
PDF: 350KB/2 pages

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Breastfeeding Women

What to Expect in the First Weeks
PDF: 74KB/2 pages

How to Prevent Sore Breasts
PDF: 95KB/2 pages

Returning to Work or School
PDF: 74KB/2 pages

Breastfeeding an Older Baby
PDF: 80KB/2 pages

When You Need to Be Away
PDF: 85KB/2 pages

Nutrition for Breastfeeding Moms
PDF: 302KB/2 pages

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Breastfeeding Your Baby
PDF: 199KB/2 pages

Bottlefeeding Your Baby
PDF: 246KB/2 pages

Your Baby Knows How Much Is Enough
PDF: 30KB/2 pages

Starting Solids
PDF: 234KB/2 pages

Teaching Your Baby to Use a Cup
PDF: 255KB/2 pages

Starting Meats and Textures
PDF: 321KB/2 pages

Starting Table and Finger Foods
PDF: 255KB/2 pages

Time to Stop Using the Bottle
PDF: 52KB/2 pages

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Feeding Your One Year Old
PDF: 251KB/2 pages

Feeding Your 1 1/2-Year-Old
PDF: 234KB/2 pages

Feeding Your 2-Year-Old
PDF: 70KB/2 pages

Feeding Your 3-Year-Old
PDF: 57KB/2 pages

Feeding Your 4-Year-Old
PDF: 78KB/2 pages

PDF: 49B/2 pages

How Do I Get My Child to Eat?
PDF: 33KB/2 pages

MyPlate for Children
PDF: 259KB/2 pages

Healthy Weight
PDF: 78KB/2 pages

Helping Your Child Grow
PDF: 68KB/2 pages

Get Moving - Activity for 1 to 2-year olds
PDF: 230KB/2 pages

Keep Moving - Activity for 3 to 5-year-olds
PDF: 87KB/2 pages

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General Nutrition

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
PDF: 241KB/2 pages

PDF: 239KB/2 pages

Snack: It's Not a Bad Word
PDF: 357B/2 pages

Moms and Kids Need Iron
PDF: 70KB/2 pages

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
PDF: 78KB/2 pages

Be Food Safe
PDF: 182KB/2 pages

Vitamin D
PDF: 266KB/2 pages

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Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions About WIC Foods:

Peanut Butter
Soy Products
Canned Fish
Infant Cereal
Infant Foods

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